An average Sunday

Sunday Showcase at JCNY

   So today was like most weekends in SL for me -very busy. I went to compete in a contest and wasn’t eliminated which is always good. After that I went to JCNY for the Showcase models get to do on Sunday. It was sponsored by Divine and I got this great dress to wear. This is me after the show modelling for a while. This morning I was at House of Beningborough and tonight I have an audition. Then after the audition I have to go to a grand opening for a friends  magazine. Docseree Mistwalker opened DMG Creations and E-Style fashion magazine. She’s great so people should check her out. A magazine people can  read. What a great concept. I can’t tell you how many times I got a magazine to read but the print was so small or the magazine so poorly done I was thinking what’s the point.

So very busy,this is how weekends are a lot for me. I have to go from 1 thing straight to the next. But, it’s fun and I enjoy it. I hope I did well in my audition. I didn’t have a chance to change. We were told hey there’s an audition in 30 mins but I was afk working on my blog! lol By the time I popped my head back into SL I had 10 minutes to get there.

  If I had a store or an agency I would give out more notice. It is just a pet peeve of mine. Only models online during that specific time frame could audition which leaves a lot of people out. Granted even with last-minute notice there were still maybe 15 people there. I just feel bad because I know how I feel when I miss opportunities because I didn’t know. I think it is fairer if more notice is given so people have a chance to audition.

 On a positive note, I entered the Vanilla C Calendar Contest with a picture that can be seen on my flickr. I didn’t win, Katherine Comet won with a terrific picture and I am very happy for her. However, I was chosen to be on May in the calendar. I took the picture myself so getting anything from my own pictures is very rewarding and makes me want to keep pursuing photography.

Exploring SL

Botanical Gardens in SL
Striking a pose at the gardens
pretty location in SL

I really don’t think enough people spend time exploring all the awesome places there are to see in SL. Above are pictures from 2 places I found. The first is the Botanical Gardens of SL. They have very pretty gardens with nice water views and sunrises and sunsets to see. You can buy some of the plants too or just hang out and enjoy the beauty.

The second picture is Japan Tempura Island. This Sim is so pretty with the forest and colors. There might be more to see in the Sim, but I can never get past this area because I like it so much. My point however, is there are so many Sims to visit in SL. Some people never leave their small chosen areas and explore. I’ve been to outer space, Paris, Atlantis,beautiful gardens, wild animal parks. The list is endless. I highly recommend doing a search for something you like and just going to check it out. The other plus in doing this as a model is that I find places to take pictures. Pictures taken in world instead of in a studio can be quite nice. All you have to do is go look.

What models do for fun

A favorite past time

 People might wonder what there is to do in SL for fun. Well, for me one of my favorite things is the same as in rl, shopping. Here I am at a skin store in SL. I needed a darker skin for an audition so I went to my favorite store to see what I could get. I wound up getting a great deal on a pack of skins in my chosen style on sale for only 50L. Two different colors of makeup. So for only 100L I have skins from light to dark in two different colors.Woot

   So then, I start looking at the skins in my favorite style, the Cupcakes line Daydream in Honey and find out they have 2 new sets of makeups so of course I have to get those. Now I have lots of choices to play with. I’ve heard people say as a model stick with one style skin designer. I am very happy with the designer I’m sticking to. Of course if I won the MRI competition I’d have more money to go buy the expensive skins I see people with, but I really love mine. I’m quite sure I could find other uses for the money though. IT’s amazing how much skins in SL cost at some stores. I don’t know what goes in to making a skin. I’m sure it takes a lot of time. But, I really think they are over-priced. Paying thousands of lindens for one skin is something I would really have to think about. I don’t mean thousands of lindens for a skin that includes multiple make-up options either. I mean thousands of lindens for just 1 color make-up.

Winning is cool

    So I’ve talked before about how this is a competition. We are trying to win the MRI title. The prizes are great. I don’t know what I would do if I had that much money all at once. Pay my tier on my house for a month or two perhaps, or go by a new pair of expensive shoes I can’t normally afford. I’d really like to buy the kits that help you make things. They have jewelry making kits which I think would be fun to try. I’d like to take more advanced training which is expensive. I’d love to have a great portfolio to show. I want to pursue photography more and maybe clothing design.Do I feel I am the most beautiful and intelligent? Well, of course. However, there are a lot of great women in this competition who are beautiful and intelligent as well. They are all talented. I want to thank Jason Grant and Model Pages International for this opportunity. You can access the MPI blog from my links. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to do this. I am very honored to stand with these great women.

Average day of fun

Modelling at JCNY
QueenBrat at JCNY
Modelling at House of Beningborough
I'm blonde today

     It seems as though a lot of my time in SL is taken up by live modelling at JCNY and House of Beningborough for competitions there. I love being chosen and being able to go and dress up and model. You can meet a lot of people. The above pictures show an average day. I was blonde for a few hours at HOB. Like I said in a previous post being able to dress up and change things about myself is fun. I was talking to someone yesterday who said they never change hair color. I was like that in the past. But, sometimes an outfit looks better with  different color hair. And our job as models is to look best in the clothes we show off. Plus, I think it’s fun to change sometimes. When I go to JCNY and HOB it is about making the clothes and jewelry look best. So, fun or not, I want to look my best and do my best job modelling the designs.

  They get a lot of entries at JCNY, so every time I am chosen there I feel honored. We don’t make much and the chances of winning are small given the number of entries, but I keep trying.   I love SL modelling and am totally addicted to it. A lot of us will never be a model in rl so we can explore and live the fantasy in SL. I love going to JCNY because a lot of people pass through there and it’s a fun place to be surrounded by beautiful jewelry. In the current contest we have a sponsor a week who gives an outfit to wear in the Showcase on Sundays. This week it is Divine Couture. I got a beautiful red gown that I can’t wait to wear in the show and show it off. Most importantly though, is that I have met some great ladies at JCNY and made some friends and at the end of the day that’s most important.

The ups and downs of modelling

    Sometimes being a model is hard. Having to deal with a lot of rejection is something all models deal with. I always say for every yes I get 4 or 5 no’s. Some weeks are great and you win something and other weeks you lose everything you tried for. It’s not easy. I don’t know if I am good at dealing with it yet. The reality is there are a lot of models trying for the same positions, same opportunities, that you are. i try to remind myself that me, the person wasn’t rejected, thats it is just an avatar. It’s hard to never know why. There can be all kinds of reasons. They might not like red-heads for example, they didnt like your walk or you are in a group they dislike or they don’t like your outfit. But for all the no’s that we get, when you do get that one yes it somehow makes it all worth it. Plus, I can’t pass up a challenge or opportunity. I feel to get ahead as a model you need drive and ambition as well as resolve, that no matter how often you get told no, you keep trying.

ooh I want that

Well today we found out that the 7 finalists of the  MRI competition get a professional video model portfolio. That would just be awesome to win. Imagine the surprise when asked for my portfolio if I had a video portfolio to give.  A very valuable prize. Although just being one of the finalists would be great in itself. When I think of what being refined means; great style,polished,professional, pleasant attitude, fashionable, I feel I have these traits. I do my best to always look put together and stylish. Like I said in previous posts I feel looking my best at all times is important. Finding photographers to do a normal portfolio of pictures has proven problematic for me because I’m very picky and don’t care for sloppy,bad pictures. To have the opportunity for a quality video portfolio would be the best thing ever for me. To me being refined means having quality work done that makes you look your best. This prize offers that.

The MRI competition is being done by the MPI agency. Check out the website for MPI. It is just full of great information.

I’m not patient

First, I want to say that this challenge given to us as part of the MRI competition is making me think and try new things which is good. My friend and fellow competitor, Keeley Cooperstone, has been very nice helping me figure out how to do this blog thing. I still have a lot to learn. Having to learn how to blog and think of things to say is difficult when you are not a patient person. But then I started thinking, modelling in SL requires patience. Every time you try out for something or enter a contest you wait to find out how you did. We all wait to see what opportunities will come up next. I’m still far from a patient person but maybe this challenge will make me a little more patient. Which will be a good thing.

Modelling is fun

Having fun at House of Beningborough
House of Beningborough
QueenBrat strikes a pose

  When I first started modelling I was stuck on the idea that since I am a redhead I always wanted my avatar to have red hair. At some point it occurred to me,why not have fun? That’s one thing I love about live modelling and modelling in general now, the ability to so easily try out new looks. Above is two looks from House of Beningborough when I was live modelling there taken yesterday and today. I decided I wanted black hair both days. Tomorrow I may be a blonde. Who knows. It reminds me of dressing up when I was a kid. Putting on fabulous clothes, making my hair glamorous and wearing fancy jewelry are all things I loved as a kid. Only now I am an adult and still doing

Give me a penny for my thoughts

  Ok, you don’t really have to give me a penny. I am a live model in a couple places in SL. It amazes me that people don’t take the time to look their best. Learning how to adjust eyelashes and jewelry as best you can in a game that likes to make them look all wonky, is important. Most of all though, outfit selection is key. Why do people wear any old thing they can throw on to go model? While we don’t get paid much to store model I think we should look good at all times. Both out of a sense of responsibility for the job and because we are being observed. Outfits where parts of your body are hanging out everywhere, please don’t. Not an attractive look. Outfits with blood on them or where everything is torn and shredded, please don’t. Perhaps people are going for an urban look when they do this, but I think you can do an urban look and still look like you have some class. People come into a fine clothing store or jewelry store to see good-looking models who best show off the items. How is blood or making yourself look trampy going to accomplish that? This is just a pet peeve of mine. Some models forget as a model it isn’t about you. It is about best representing the designer. You can still show individuality and style. But please, have class when you do it.