What models do for fun

A favorite past time

 People might wonder what there is to do in SL for fun. Well, for me one of my favorite things is the same as in rl, shopping. Here I am at a skin store in SL. I needed a darker skin for an audition so I went to my favorite store to see what I could get. I wound up getting a great deal on a pack of skins in my chosen style on sale for only 50L. Two different colors of makeup. So for only 100L I have skins from light to dark in two different colors.Woot

   So then, I start looking at the skins in my favorite style, the Cupcakes line Daydream in Honey and find out they have 2 new sets of makeups so of course I have to get those. Now I have lots of choices to play with. I’ve heard people say as a model stick with one style skin designer. I am very happy with the designer I’m sticking to. Of course if I won the MRI competition I’d have more money to go buy the expensive skins I see people with, but I really love mine. I’m quite sure I could find other uses for the money though. IT’s amazing how much skins in SL cost at some stores. I don’t know what goes in to making a skin. I’m sure it takes a lot of time. But, I really think they are over-priced. Paying thousands of lindens for one skin is something I would really have to think about. I don’t mean thousands of lindens for a skin that includes multiple make-up options either. I mean thousands of lindens for just 1 color make-up.

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