Last day of The SL Christmas Expo

The 2020 SL Christmas Expo runs through December 13th benefitting the American Cancer Society and the fight against childhood cancer. Don’t miss it, it is for a great cause. I can’t think of many things that are worse than children suffering and fighting a disease like cancer so give them some hope and joy and yourselves some as well. Go to for all information

Main lm-

ACS Info center–

Holiday Shopping Spree Raffle Area Sponsored by Tip 2 Toe–

MocapAnimations HipHop v1 BENTO Dances Pack!

Mocap Animations Main Store-

The following links have gyazos of me using dances from this pack. I know I need to learn how to do videos especially since I love to dance but these are ok for now. Very fun dances!

[Ari-Pari] Holiday Magic SweatsuitVivids Exclusive! Shown in above gyazos of me dancing!

[Ari-Pari] Main Store

Versois et Mailloux Snowflake Collection Earrings and necklace with hud

The V.M. Snowflake Collection has a 100% original mesh choker and 100% original mesh earrings – sold separately or as a set. Both have a colour change HUD with six metal choice. Both are unrigged.

Versois et Mailloux Main Store SLURL

Trinity – Taya’s Leather Boots w/ Hud

Trinity – Alexa’s Elegant Coat – Plain and Christmas Huds

Trinity Main Store-

An elegant wool coat in their standard 2020 mix and match colors as well as a bonus hud for Christmas coats. The huds have a lot of versatility and give you the freedom to swap parts of your coat (eg collar and buttons) to mix and match colors. Materials are also available for both huds. The Christmas hud contains three separate materials to match the patterns

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