Runway Perfect Hunt 6 Poster

The Runway Perfect Hunt 1.Moondance Boutique

The first stop in the upcoming The Runway Perfect Hunt is Moondance Boutique. There you will be able to get the beautiful Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set. The hud is amazing and with the texture change options for metals, stones and pearls you are only limited by your imagination. The set includes 2 rings, 2 bracelets, earrings and necklace.

me with cat_002
Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set, TRPH Location 1

me with cat_010
The Runway Perfect Hunt location 1, Moondance Jewels Liz Jewelry Set 1 Moondance Boutique Jewelry/Nails
me with cat_009
Moondance Boutique, Location 1, TRPH



Moondance Boutique Jewelry/Nails Men/Women

Out for my nightly stroll


cho zuey use this
QueenBrat out for a stroll
QueenBrat out for an evening stroll


I am wearing 2 of my favorite designers in these pictures. Gizza for the clothing in the beautiful Michelle Knitted Dress in Gray along with the gray fur stole. Paired with the Chop Zuey Pentacostal Black Set. I just love these designers. My only wish was that I could own such fabulous jewels in my real life. But that’s ok, I have Second Life for dreaming!


Sci Fi Convention and new outfit

I went to the SecondLife SciFi Convention which ended last Sunday. I really wanted to see more but I didn’t have a chance. I did manage to snap a couple of pics of an outfit I just got that I love, in an area I thought was pretty.


Wearing Wicca’s Wardrobe – Enobaria [Lilac] with Truth Hair Heloisa


The Beauty of it all in Second Life

I think for those of us who started playing a long time ago, we sometimes forget how very pretty Secondlife can be. I started playing in 2007 and remember people rezzing in as newspaper print, the ugliest textures you ever saw in your life and skins that looked like, well, bland play doh consistency gone bad without a single shadow or highlight to be found. I won’t pretend to know a thing about graphics or what they do to make it look pretty and I realize the graphics of many games now are incredible. (Of course I grew up playing Pong and Donkey Kong so you know I am biased (yes, and old). But, how many of us take time to just marvel at how pretty Second Life is on its own? When I got a new pc years ago I realized I had been missing out partially because my pc was not up to par, but no one can doubt that the shading and highlighting, textures and just overall beauty of Secondlife keeps getting better. So I decided to take a few pictures, not of a fancy sim full of wonderous things, just of my own yard in the game to show that sometimes, if we just take a second to take a look, there is beauty all around us in this game we play.


QueenBrat lying around in her yard
Lying around regular light
Sunset distant



Up close reg light

I tried to show that regular light or in sunset lighting, an ordinary setting can be pretty. With the textures,mesh bodies and skins even more so.

I always liked using my photo studio in game or finding a pretty Sim, but now, maybe I will stay in my own yard more. But I also think the same thinking can be applied to life. Take a second to look at that sunset or smell that flower. What a shame it would be if Secondlife became like real life and we ignore the beauty of it all. Remember that age old saying- stop and smell the roses, well look at them too.



Beleza- Faye Blush Medium, Faye Makeup Pale

Mesh Body-Lara

Makeup-[LB Kissable Glossy Lips] Set 4 – Thulian 5, ZC – Haley Eyeshadow – Black 01

Lashes- Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes_N06

Shape is by me like always

Outfit-  :SS: Babygirl in Pink Tank Outfit

Jewelry- [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Onyx Set

Shoes-R.icielli – MALOU High Heels

Hair-TRUTH HAIR Bexley –  reds




Can Christmas be 3 months?

Maybe I am just inherently lazy. Maybe I am crazy. Or quite possibly both. But I have a ton of Christmas decorations, like really a lot. It takes us days to get it all out, part of that is because of the treks from the basement to bring it all up and unpack it. But once it is all out and perfect I want to keep it. If it were up to me we could start in say October or November and leave it until February. Weird, right? I mean rush rush rush. Get everything done, do that decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning. Then let’s hurry and take it all down. Why I say? When you stop and think about it how many days do we just relax and enjoy it?


2014-12-24 19.02.21
Christmas tree 2014


It’s hard to find empty branches of my tree because it has so many ornaments.  I love Christmas so even if I am lazy it’s not even about that. Christmas is beautiful. When I look at the tree it makes me happy. The sparkle, the color, the ornaments that tell a story, the story of my life in some cases. People are nicer at Christmas for the most part. More joy is to be found, more compassion in our hearts. And lets not forget the most important purpose of Christmas, Jesus was born on that day.

Of course my cats love Christmas too.

Taz eager to help
Taz eager to help
Tessa in her Christmas best
Tessa in her Christmas best
Tazzy in his Christmas finest
Tazzy in his Christmas finest
Tazzy so eager to help out
Tazzy so eager to help out
The favorite cat spot
The favorite cat spot









What they are really saying in the pics with their outfits on is; what’s wrong with you, why did you put this on me and get it off! But it is cute isn’t it?

If you look at these pictures and wonder if my tree is still up, no, it is all put away but I wish it was not. I know not everyone feels as I do, some put everything away on Christmas or the day after. And that’s fine. For me, my wish though would be to make it last, leave everything up a little bit longer. But if that is not possible, then maybe we could just keep the spirit in our hearts all year.

Why I Would Rather Try To Find The Funny Than The Meaning Of Life

Laughter really is the best medicine and with all this writer is going through if she can find humor then so can I.

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

Sir Loin of Beef Sir Loin of Beef

Some look at life’s journey as a pitched battle, and some as a noble quest. Either way, a smart knight should be prepared for the dragons he or she is bound to encounter along the way. My weapon of choice is a feather duster.

It has only snowed once so far this weird winter.  I took advantage of the unlooked for boon of ice-free roads here in the country last week and went for a walk.  My mood was somber as I set off down the road, well bundled against the bracing cold.  I needed the lift that nature always gives me because I felt lower than I have felt in a long time.

I was thinking about my dear cousin, Moe. She’s experimenting with multiple chemo treatments, locked in mortal combat with the cancer that has spread despite her efforts. We recently learned that her…

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Obsession and Television

I manage a lot of groups on Facebook for TV shows I like.  I couldn’t possibly have a group for every show I like since  I admit to watching a lot of TV as well as movies. It is my favorite form of entertainment. But I do have quite a few.  I have seen so many shows get cancelled  in my life and have gotten used to it. It happens. I will never understand why networks end shows on a cliffhanger. If the powers that be know the ratings  are bad and that they will likely cancel, couldn’t they give the writers a heads up to wrap it up? I read an article about the show Revenge, which will likely be cancelled, the ratings are not great and quality has gone down, but I digress. The options are; to tie up so many loose ends that they have very little to do (should it surprise me and be renewed) or leave the show on a cliffhanger and anger fans if it gets cancelled. What are the writers, producers and everyone to do? I am glad it is not my job to figure that out.

I don’t like it when my shows are canceled. Who does? And I rarely forget. Firefly, Homefront, American Dreams, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, The Secret Circle,  and Revolution just to name a few. Some had good ratings but got cancelled anyway. That’s a risk you take when you watch a show. It may abruptly end. I have seen people say “well I just shouldn’t watch new shows.”  But I watch what I want and always will.  Even if I find the show on a site like Netflix  and know it ended abruptly I may  watch it anyway. (Who am I kidding, I will watch it anyway.)  Because I like TV and because I would rather see it and know I saw it and had the experience than let things I can’t control rule me. Life won’t end either way, but if everyone out there had that attitude, no shows will make it ever and eventually I would run out of things to watch if I boycotted every new show.

All of that being said what I wont do is throw a fit every time  some show gets cancelled. I will not take to Twitter and rail about how I will never watch that network again. For me that’s  the equivalent of a toddler throwing themselves on the ground having a tantrum. I will not launch a campaign of Save my show and start a FB page and dedicate my life to said show. Nope, I will  move on with my life. Which brings me to my point, why do people do these things? It makes little sense to me. I have a few groups on FB for shows that were cancelled and the incessant whining is so irritating. Yes it ended on a cliffhanger but the world will still carry on, your world will not end.  It’s not even that I have failed to get attached.  I too find it terribly unfair when a show ends if it had good ratings or if a bad time slot was the cause or lack of marketing. Although sometimes the reason is unknown and will never be known. Other times it is easy to see if fans faced reality. I also don’t mind signing the occasional petition or making a call to bring it back. I firmly believe in letting your voice be heard and there is nothing wrong with letting a TV network know you are displeased.  But I draw the line at obsession. A lot of these campaigns are launched for shows that were sub par really. Not all mind you and that’s subjective, I know. If people dedicated themselves to things that matter in life, really matter, like homelessness. hunger, disease, poverty, clean drinking water, women’s rights,  etc imagine what change could be possible. But, instead, people pledge  themselves to things as trivial as saving a television show. I have been told TV means different things to different  people and I get that.  But if TV is more to you than entertainment and you feel like your life ended because show xyz ended maybe it is time to change your life? Of course the same applies to the campaigns to save a show. If it fails, and lets face it, it more than likely will, what then? Your life is over. But it’s not. A show nor a campaign to save it, should ever  be your entire life. Because if 1 show ends watch something else. Move on. Understand that TV is a business and if a show ends there is a reason. Once in a while a show does get saved so I am not saying it’s impossible just unlikely.  Longmire, for instance, was recently saved. Everyone has the right to do what they like with their lives, and I understand passionately liking a show, but please keep the whining to yourself.

The Internet- The Irrational Absurdity And Oversharing

oversharing 3

I realize the absurdness of criticizing the internet while I am in fact writing a blog post on the internet but when has being slightly absurd ever stopped me? What follows is going to be a whole lot of complaints, whining and pet peeves so if that bugs you I guess read no further!

At what point in our history did people start going online to report their every little activity and movement,every thought, opinion and criticism of other people and oh so many personal details of their lives? For me things like twitter promote rampant narcissism and that bugs me. The idea that its ok to go online and trash other people and the concept that everyone cares about your every thought. Yes the same can be said about blogs thus I realize the slight absurdness of my complaint but that’s ok, gonna roll with it. Celebrities do it, creating Instagrams, Twitters, Tumblers, Facebooks and whatever other things are popular now. I sort of get that. They want their fans to know what projects they have and to get people to tune in, listen or go watch their movies. They do make a living off of that. Some celebrities are not above tearing their fans to shreds. For instance Rihanna. I don’t use Twitter. I prefer to say I don’t Twit and I don’t. But I have seen numerous articles quoting the times she has harshly torn into 1 of her fans. Yes her fans. The people who made her rich. And why? My guess is she just likes to be bitchy. I used to really like her songs until I heard that. I read 1 article about how she completely shredded 1 young fan who copied 1 of her outfits. I thought wow how mean to do that and unnecessary. All of this is sort of my point though. People, celebrities and your average nobody,  feel as if that’s okay to do. To go online and rip apart people, say anything they feel like under the safety or anonymity of being online. Things the majority of us would never ever say to a persons face but they will say it online as if it is acceptable. I try not to do that because I remember there is a person on the other end of that electronic device and I grew up with the Golden Rule. But for those who think its okay, it really isn’t.


That bring me to my next issue, over sharing. Telling people your every thought, feeling, and personal issue and the pictures (oh my) as if  tons of selfies validates you and your self-worth in life. Which I realize for some, it does. How sad is that? Sometimes it is people who claim to be a Christian but then talk behind your back. If I am really your friend I won’t say something awful behind your back. The amount of followers you have does not define you nor validate you.oversharing 2

The internet is not a safe place. For people who feel the need to share personal info on sites like Facebook I urge caution. Facebook will try to get you to. They ask me to update my profile all the time. To share more and more stuff. It takes such a small amount of information for some crazy person to seek you out in real life and it has happened. You don’t always know who you are talking to on social media.

Oversharing on Facebook

The know it alls. Everything you say they will criticize and analyze. If you ask a question be prepared for not just 1 person with the right answer to follow but many for just 1 was not enough I suppose. This is a huge problem for public forums on the majority of articles out there that allow comments as well as public pages. If you have anything to share that they disagree with or is not 100% butt kissing be prepared for an onslaught bigger than a Titanic sized wave because it will follow. Some people are so opinionated and long winded too. They will leave comments on pages that are more like a book and if you ever private message this sort of person you will be there all day reading their dissertations. Being long-winded doesn’t make you right. It just makes you a blow hard. Also overly analyzing every little thing is sort of annoying. Every time a show airs that I like I see it, in my groups or on articles I read. Sometimes a show or movie is just entertainment. Every little miniscule thing does not mean you uncovered a hidden clue.  Yes some producers and writers like to do that. But not all, and analyzing everything to death sort of makes you a bore. At the same time some of us refuse to do that, and it doesn’t make us less intelligent either. I know big words but I also value my time too much. Some of us know that as adults our minds are made up so discussing endlessly is rather pointless. I also see people who leave such long comments and think their personality is cute or hard-edged when it’s really just bitchy and irritating. I try to remind people in my Facebook groups that not everyone is there for a long discussion. What if you just want to say your piece in as few words as possible and move on? I rarely feel the need to spell out my every thought, I instead think most are smart enough to read between the lines. Of course maybe that is my mistake, but that’s ok.

The internet is so full of immature people. You never know who you are talking to, if it is really a kid. But sometimes it is an adult who acts like a child. Throwing a fit at everything and blowing up just because they can.

The point of all of this is not just because I like to bitch (although I do), it is to remind that while the internet is full of wonder, and information, and I am not sure I could be without it, it is also full of, well people. So watch what you say and where you say it. Remember the person on the other side is just that, a person. It’s not necessary to say our every thought out loud and that includes our typed words.