Super Sexy Spiders

(BBS) Lillith Red



(BBS) Lillith Red As you can see this gown is very figure flattering and gives you some awesome curves. Paired with (BBS) Unisex demon Kiss Lip Piercing

Inkheart * – Veruska Eyes – Goths – Blood {Vampire} is having a hunt and this is just 1 pair of eyes available. October to 5 November. 12 Heart Bats to be found at 0L each



IP Nails ~Sensual~ from Swank October

Monocled Beauty

Swank October is a Goth Spooktacular Event and hunt.


Wearing .:JUMO:. Marjorie Gown Black, ::DS:: Macabre Eyeshadow, IP Nails ~Sensual~

This amazing gown has jewelry and the monocle and can be worn with or without the jacket. There is also an awesome hunt gift not shown.

.:JUMO:. Marjorie Gown Black

Deadly in Black

         “007: the Bond Girls” Event and Show” runs from Oct 16 to 23 with a show on the 16th and a shopping center.


“007 Spectre Monica” Black Lingerie – Fashion Dream -Sexy and fabulous with ribbons at the shoulders and lace at my hips, with a panty and back frill ( not shown) and a gun holster on my leg and a gun in my hand. Black Shoes included.

Nord Embel’Lys  Feuilles de Gemmes Set is beautiful with a color change hud included so you can make many different looks and each piece has its own individual hud! I am showing the necklace and bracelet here.

.::LUNA::. Body Art – Bond  – SLink Nails- These are the most amazing nails I have ever seen. Use the hud to change the color of each nail individually to make whatever combination suits you. I am terrible at math so I am just gonna say that with 10 color/texture options to choose from you can make a ton of different looks!






Bond Event-

.::LUNA::. Body Art

The Witches Wear Prada



Witches Wear Prada Event Press Release
13th – 27th November 2016


Media Partner ENVY Magazine

Sponsors: Pose Talk, Emerald Couture, Marquesse, Baxe, *Wicked*

Designers: [ Autrè ] Apparel, PinUp Tattoo Style, Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes, Delicatt Couture,KingbalStores, Shea Designs, Spyralle, Sass, zanze, the doll house, BRII UNDERGROUND WEAR,
Athena Couture, Element, Sevyn East, Scandal Fashions, Pink Ice Boutique, La Boheme, Vetements
[BlackPearls], Diamante. e&e, TRS Designs, AdoreZ, cheeky, Day Dreamer, Tiffany Designs, .::LUNA::. Body Art, Gee, Ch’s, Epoch, [QE] Designs, Black Rose Designs, Bloody Factory, Shoe-ddict
At no other time of the year are the talented witches and wizards more fully in their element than during the delightfully frightful holiday of Halloween and the Fall season. Be they chilly dreams or icy screams our team of artists come fully into their element this season and have chosen to spellbound you to have the Witches wear Prada!

From Nov 13th to Nov 27th Marquesse Events Team and our talented designers will be providing its faithful followers a gloriously ghoulish parade of Seasonal Outfits ranging from bewitchingly beautiful to fiendishly frightening to help provide a little darkly charming spice to cook up a cauldron of fun.

With so many new and exciting products and gifts to choose from, the only thing to fear this season is to be the one left behind!

Let the Witches wear their Prada!

Gothic witch

Swank October is a Goth Spooktacular Event and hunt.


Prism Leticia Goth Witch by Journey which is a very cool outfit. I love that it comes with the broom and hat.

::DS:: Macabre Chaos Eyeshadow, [HJ] Dark Passions Necklace & Earrings Set and rings, SAS – Kendall Black Leather boots



Purple and Gothtacular

Swank October is a Goth Spooktacular Event and hunt. While there you can get these fabulous items all sold separately.

Park Place at October Swank

All of these items are available:

[Park Place] Goth Wrought Iron Mirror Set – Cuddles. Yes you read that right, this mirror has cuddles for you and your special someone. It also has fabulous primping and putting on makeup animations. I have it in my house and am always playing around. Does my butt look big?


[Park Place] Iron Mirror Set with Cuddles
This whole set is awesome, its in my fav color (purple) and is so well done. The chair has a lot of animations for sitting and cuddles.

[Park Place] October Night Wall Art

[Park Place] Wrought Iron Candle Set

[Park Place] Wrought Iron Floor Candelabra

[Park Place] Goth Purple Swirl Area Rug

[Park Place] Goth Purple and Black Vase Set

[Park Place] Goth Wrought Iron Chandelier

[Park Place] Black Leather Wing Chair – Cuddles


[Park Place]
Even skeletons have to sit down sometimes.

[Park Place] Goth Purple and Black Vase Set

[Park Place] Crimson/Black Small Bench

[Park Place]


Gold Skeleton avatar is from Boudoir in the High Society collection.

The haunted house is also from Boudoir on the MP.


Mystery in Blue

      “007: the Bond Girls” Event and Show” runs from Oct 16 to 23 with a show on the 16th and a shopping center.

-Lamu Fashion-Gown *Madeleine* “007: the Bond Girls” comes with clutch, diamond earrings, bracelet and a fabulous diamond necklace that accentuates the chest.

-Lamu Fashion-Gown *Madeleine* “007: the Bond Girls”
-Lamu Fashion-Gown *Madeleine* “007: the Bond Girls” and .::LUNA::. Body Art – Bjork

Bond Event

Nails are .::LUNA::. Body Art – Bjork – SLink Nails HUD and may be available soon in the store but are now at 007.

.::LUNA::. Body Art

Bond Girl

“007: the Bond Girls” Event and Show” runs from Oct 16 to 23 with a show on the 16th and a shopping center.


“007 Casino Royale 2” Red Gown – Fashion Dream, purse included, paired with Nord Embel’Lys  Feuilles de Gemmes Set.  The gown also has red rubies along the top back so from the front and back you look fabulous! This outfit oozes that Bond girl sex appeal doesn’t it?

The Nord Embel’Lys  Feuilles de Gemmes Set has a hud for each piece to customize the metal and gems. How great is that!

“007 Casino Royale 2” Red Gown – Fashion Dream

“007 Casino Royale” Gown Amethyst – Fashion Dream- Comes with earrings and brooch and shoes. Your curves will thank you as will your partner.

“007 Casino Royale” Gown Amethyst – Fashion Dream

“007 Dr. No” White Mesh bikini – Fashion Dream comes with earrings and seashells in hands and on ears plus the knives on my thighs. Don’t mess with me!

“007 Dr. No” White Mesh bikini – Fashion Dream

All nails are .::LUNA::. Body Art – Bond – SLink Nails HUD


Bond Event

.::LUNA::. Body Art

Work It!

Swank October is a Goth Spooktacular Event and Hunt

As soon as I saw the Merivale Veinessa I knew I had to blog it. This is a full gothic costume ready to go. Just add a hair and skin and walk out the door. It is super sexy and detailed and she thought of everything.

Merivale Veinessa

Merivale Veinessa