Spoonful of Sugar Festival for Spring

The Spoonful of Sugar Festival Begins March 18th through April 1 benefitting Doctors Without Borders.

A Fashion, Home & Garden and Breedables Festival not to be missed.

For every national and international disaster Doctors Without Borders has been there. There is no barrier, border, or line they will not cross, no length they will not go to too bring aid to those who need it most. Where there is need they are there giving generously all of their knowledge, talent, and skills. Now it is time to give back to them.

SOS 2017 Spring sign


All the lm’s to each section of the festival can be found here. Second Life Website- http://thesosfestival.com/index.html

Let’s Hunt

[VM]  VERO MODERO / Wool Vest/Skirt with Color HUD

Vm Sweater.jpg

What´s Your Category Hunt
Hunt is: 1L & 60 L

Running from 25 February to 25 March

1L Gift (Male – can also be worn by female avatars)

60L Gift (Female – can also be worn by male avatars)
􀀄magic- purple, sea- blue, sky- dark blue, teal- green, emerald- dark green, crimson- red

Jewelry is also Vero Modero but not included in the hunt


Prey at the Catwalk Trunk Show

For the Catwalk Trunk Show running March 12 – April 2

These 2 outfits are just 2 of the 4 outfits exclusive to the Catwalk Trunk Show from Prey. Both are equally great so I would get both!

PREY – Fired Up Exclusive to Catwalk Trunk Show- includes gown, wings, necklace,horns and skirt layer with fire for Prey’s elemental theme.

Prey Trunk


PREY – RU This gorgeous and sexy outfit is exclusive to the Catwalk Trunk Show. One of the Elements Collection. The metal of the dress covers just the right areas, the skirts and chest covers are a beautiful cranberry color and the wings have lights on the tips that create a nice glow in the back.

Prey for Trunk


Red Beauty

Swank Feb. Truly Madly Deeply Love

Luminesse Yeshia Astoria Set PMESH- and the hat from [Vips Creations] – Female Outfit – [Valentine Swank]


[Vips Creations] – Female Outfit – [Valentine Swank] Comes with hat and purse and this amazing gown that has so much shine and sparkle.






photo taken here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RothKo/29/59/21

Beautiful Fantasy

Kultivate Spring Fashion Event until Feb 26th.

alpha.tribe::: [Natural Things v1 Redux] (Omega Applier)-Everything you see here included! Female version shown, also a male version available.



alpha.tribe::: [Satin Doll] unisex avi-Everything you see here included!


alpha.tribe::: [Redoute Redux] female avatar (Omega Applier) Also available in white not shown. Everything you see here included! The flowers are from the included emitter.


alpha.tribe::: [The Dot Gown] female avi (Omega Applier)- Everything you see here included!



Lady in Red

Swank Feb Love Madly, Deeply, Truly

::ALTER:: Vianney Satin Dress – Cherry Love / OUTFIT.  This is a complete outfit with shoes, jewelry and a beautiful satin dress that will most certainly have heads turning wondering who is that lady in red. Glitter Poses Walk set Pose 1





Photo taken here: