BLVD January Open Model Casting

Press Release for Immediate Release-

January 4th 2021

The iconic and prestigious BLVD agency is holding an open public casting for new models to join our elite team. This is your opportunity to participate in a rare public casting. BLVD has many huge events and shows upcoming for 2021 and we want to expand our ranks. BLVD models also are invited to cast for the monthly fashion spread in BOSL Magazine. We are a team who work together to put on charity events, fashion shows and the MVW pageant. We are very busy and are looking for active models, not tag collectors.

Our amazing CEO Reign Congrejo is looking for the best of the best. Do you have exceptional style, poise and class? Are you professional, reliable and always on-point? Are you a team player? If you can answer yes to these questions, consider casting. We are looking for perfection in prim placement, walk, posing and styled themes. We want our models to think outside the box and WOW us.

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance.

Only the models who impress us will be selected to join our ranks in our 2 step casting process. Many will choose to cast, and those selected will be chosen based on styling ability, prim placement, meeting deadlines, professional history/demeanor, up-to-date modeling and posing techniques, and general runway presence. We may take 1 person, 10 people or no one. We have no pre-set number.

This casting IS open to both male and female models

Minimum requirements to cast for BLVD:

1.) Graduation from a reputable SL Modeling School/Academy that offers Comprehensive Training or equivalent
Extensive Skill and Experience.
2.) Top-Notch Styling Ability
3.) Excellent Prim-Placement
4.) Professional Attitude and Team-Work Mentality. In this industry, Reputation matters.
5.) Modern/Up-to-date Look. This includes: Skin, Hair, Poses, etc. You must stay current with SL modeling trends.
6.) If accepted, your participation is required and models are evaluated for participation each quarter. Exact
requirements will be sent once accepted into BLVD and a signed agreement will be required.

Still Interested? The first phase of this casting will be incredibly simple, low-pressure. We want to see who is interested first, and we want to offer everyone with the heart and passion for what we do, the chance to come aboard. Those that impress us at the first round of casting with runway perfection, styling perfection will move on to round 2, all held on the same day so plan to be at the casting for several hours. We are holding castings on 2 different dates to give everyone a chance to participate who wishes to. If you are not accepted in the first casting, you may cast the next day.

Dates and Times of Castings.

Saturday Jan 23rd, 2021 10 AM SLT or
Sunday Jan 24th, 2021 at 12 PM SLT.

You will be informed of the results the same day after casting so if you do not get accepted on the 23rd you may attend on the 24th. If you are accepted into the agency on the 23rd obviously you do not need to cast again on the 24th.

Please allow at least 3 hours for this process. Please come prepared to do both rounds. We will move directly from the first round to the second with all models who get a yes vote from round 1 and we will not wait if you come unprepared.

Round 1

To cast, it is quite simple. Style a stylish, fashion forward, and outside the box look in the following theme,

Theme: Nomad

Style Brief:

Summer is all about wandering in lightweight, colorful, flowing fabrics and fashions. From the harem pant in a light linen fabric, to the woven poncho with bright colors, Authentic gypsy or nomadic stylings encompass our need to travel and leave our cares behind even if for a short time. Show us how you will beat the heat with stylings in lightweight fabrics inspired by indigenous peoples, gypsies and nomads making their way across the land.

Do your research!

The inspiration textures have been included as a reference only, do not copy exactly. Do not style using only 1 designer that you open a box and put on and consider done. That will not impress us. We want you to mix and match at least 2 designers in your clothing. The judging for this round will be a simple yes or no vote to move on to round 2. We will be carefully looking to see who followed the instructions. Wow us and move on to the next round where judging will be more intense.

If you receive a simple majority of yes votes you move on to round 2.

Round 2-
Theme: Futuristic Weddings

Style Brief: This styling would feature white and silver (which are both color trends this spring). The fabrics would be what would be expected of weddings: tulle and sheer, sequins and diamonds, romantic and ruffled, luxurious and unique but with the twist of avant garde structural details with couture details and a metallic or shimmering finish. Think angular and interesting, not flat or boring.

This is where it gets more challenging and we want to see what you can do. Again, be impressive. Examples are included but don’t copy exactly, do your own thing.

Do your research! Make sure your prims are absolute perfection. Make sure your poses and walk matches your style and flow together. This round will be judged based on styling, prim placement, ability to follow direction, walk and style ability, and wow factor. We may ask you questions. We are judging your overall attitude including what you say backstage so keep that in mind. For this challenge include a backstory such as would be read if you were on the runway in a show. At BLVD all models do their own back stories so we are looking for models who can do this. Make it entertaining.


Please send full perm nc’s in game to:
Jamee Sandalwood
QueenBrat Bracken

Send nc’s no later than Wednesday January 20th

Include both a full body and close up of your styling with a list of all designers worn in style card format. Also include your second styling backstory even though you may not make it to round 2
Once the nc is received we will send you the lm and walk instructions.

Please forward any inquiries via Notecard to Jamee Sandalwood or QueenBrat Bracken

Good luck models! Don’t miss this amazing chance to work for the best agency in Second Life.

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