Out for my nightly stroll


cho zuey use this
QueenBrat out for a stroll
QueenBrat out for an evening stroll


I am wearing 2 of my favorite designers in these pictures. Gizza for the clothing in the beautiful Michelle Knitted Dress in Gray along with the gray fur stole. Paired with the Chop Zuey Pentacostal Black Set. I just love these designers. My only wish was that I could own such fabulous jewels in my real life. But that’s ok, I have Second Life for dreaming!

omg- how rude

Ok, something happened I just had to write about. I went to a store in SL called Adiva and I have bought a lot of stuff from this store over time and was one of my favorite stores. Anyway, they had a gift a day promotion for Christmas. Every day you go in and touch the calendar and get a gift so I went in and got the gift. The next day I went back in, only to discover I was banned from the store. Why was I banned you must be thinking. That’s what I was thinking too so I sent an IM to the store owner and asked. She said it was a special case because I was in her store wearing a tag from another store in SL – House of Beningborough. I’ve mentioned them several times in my blog. I’ve been trying to win the modelling contest at HOB for a while and love being a live model there. I think Bliss Beningborough is great. So I said to the owner of Adiva why would I be banned for that, and she went on and on about this feud she has with Bliss. I said what does that have to do with me? I have been a customer- a good customer too given all the Adiva outfits that I have and don’t deserve to be banned simply for wearing a tag from a competitor’s store. If she has a feud with  Bliss for whatever reason it’s none of my business or concern and I shouldn’t be brought into it. It is totally ridiculous to me to treat a customer this way. I don’t feel feuds between store owners should ever be brought up to a customer nor should a customer ever be put in the middle. I didn’t do anything wrong. I asked her why she didn’t ask me to remove the tag. She claims she did and that I ignored her, but I checked my chat logs and have never received any IM’s from her before the 1 that I sent her asking why I was banned. If she had really im’ed me and asked me to take it off, it would be in my chat logs. It’s not. So she tells me that she lifted the ban, but I can’t wear my tag to her store from HOB.  Well, I told her that wasn’t good enough, that she should’ve apologized for treating me like that. Truthfully, I don’t want to go to her store now. There are too many stores in SL to go where someone treats you badly.  She never should’ve gotten me involved in her feud  at all. I should be able to wear a store tag when I go to other stores without worrying about being hassled by the store owner. I can see a store owner saying something if my tag was offensive- abusive, profane, intolerant of others, overtly and disgusting sexually – but it wasn’t.

great- free show stuff!!

  I was in a show today for LA and it went well. Bit of lag, but overall no problems. I loved my outfits. I got a really cute pair of jeans with a matching shirt and a scarf from Lee Zu. I also had great outfits from SF Designs,Mondira & Viviane Fashion, and Jador. The last few shows I have been in, I have loved the stuff I got. I can remember shows I have been in that I didn’t care for everything I wore. But the last few weeks, every show, for every agency, I got stuff I love. It’s ok when I get stuff I dislike. The show is about showing off the designs to the best of my ability and I do that. It might not be in my taste- such as colors I dislike or the style isn’t my thing. It isn’t to say that some designers are bad at all. We all have our own  styles we prefer. Of course you never tell a designer or let on in any way that you don’t like your outfit. That’s just rude and not nice. I can find something I like about most things. But, as a model there are times you get an outfit and it gets filed away and not brought out again, and shows where you can’t wait to wear what you got.

   If it’s an outfit I dislike I will never say so here nor in chat in SL. I don’t believe in being publicly mean to anyone as I believe all designers in SL work hard to bring us designs and when they pay to have a show I will do my best for them. I might think to myself- this is not my style at all, but saying that to someone else is just not right. Plus, the items might not be in my taste but you never know what you might need for something down the road.

new opportunities

    I went out to lunch with my mom today and left my pc off. I hardly ever leave my pc off when I am away because I usually leave my avatar live modelling somewhere. But, I was expecting the new lists to come out and if I wasn’t chosen being caught on the runway is embarrassing. I was chosen though for House of Beningborough. She is running a new contest- The Face of Beningborough 2010. It is a great contest: 100,000 in prizes, being her face and model for the year. What a great opportunity that would be. So I applied for week 1 and was accepted and I get to live model in the store for the week. We are not required to do that but I like to. This contest runs for 2 months. So, many more chances to apply and wow the judges with my pictures and presence. I know a lot of people are applying so it would be tough to win, but I am happy just to be picked and model there for the week.

I hate things that are unfair and rigged

    I competed today in the Le Charme contest. We had to walk the runway and pose wearing any outfit from the store we liked. My walk was perfect and a couple of the other girls had terrible walks, missing the routine, walking all crooked. One girl got there after time to start but we hadn’t started yet so presumably we were waiting for her. The winner for the day wore white shoes with a mauve dress. I was cut from the contest. How is that possible when the manager said I was the best for the day? I get cut and the girls with terrible walks didn’t?  I hate contests that are unfair and/or rigged. There’s no reason to select girl after girl who is Italian while cutting others who did better. If everyone had done great and I was cut fine, as long as it was fair and impartial people. But this way? No, I hate it.

2 practice day

 I had 2 practices today. The first 1 went ok. But it irritates me when people are late and we have to wait for them to catch up. It also amazes me that models who can’t walk a straight line are in good agencies. Why doesn’t someone show them how to do this?

  My second practice was easy. The walk is new but an easy 1. It doesn’t take me long to pick up the walks. This show is for LA Modeling Agency and has great designers like LEE ZU and Jador.I love my outfits. From SF Designs I got a really cute plaid outfit. It is always nice when I do a fashion show if I like what I was given to wear. From Mondira I got a cute jumpsuit. LA has so many shows, it’s great.

I won!!!!

Today I spent hours and hours getting stuff for my show outfits and working on styling them.I had to get weapons for the fashion assassins show because I didn’t have any. It takes me a long time to pick hair and skins, jewelry,etc for each outfit. But, I got it done finally. I had 6 shows to get ready for. I spend a lot of time doing this because I want to look great and think details matter. Then, after I get that done I have to work on my modelling hud and put poses in for each outfit. That takes a great deal of time.

I’m excited to say that I won a contest. I won DC Style Model Discovery fo November. They have a great mall and I am thrilled I was chosen. My picture will be up all over the mall.

Photography day

   Today my modelling was all about photography. I went to a test shoot for a magazine I applied to. I also worked on pictures for contests I am entering. This takes a great deal of time. I can make a decent picture with it but I really want to learn Photoshop. Sometimes minor things can be done to make a picture look better. I do know how to make text on a picture. This is all assuming the contest is fair. I don’t  know why people make the cut who are terrible. Looks should count, and style.

I love competing

  I almost forgot to mention that I competed in the Gems & Kisses contest last Friday and actually made it through to the  finals. I’m worried they are going to be held when I am out-of-town for Christmas. No SL for a week is going to be hard. Anyway, I was happy I made it to finals. The competition is much harder now though. Many fabulous models in the finals. Assuming I can even go. If I can’t I did what I could and RL has to come first. I love runway competitions. I feel comfortable on most runways. I know how to walk and pose  correctly.

3 shows in 1 day!!!!

Well today was quite busy I was in 3 fashion shows. The first was for Siren Productions and was a Hugo Latex show. We were fashion assassins and got to wear guns and daggers and look all tough. I got a bunch of new poses for this. It was great fun. A bit of a lag problem but nothing major for me.

   The next show was for LA modelling. It went well. No problems. I wore 2 beautiful gowns that I love. I chose bold eyelashes to go with the gowns and I love the look of it. It was a pretty quick show. The third show and final was for TnT and we were walking mannequins  like I said in a  previous post.  We had a great deal of lag but I think it went well. I didn’t see any major errors. I had problems the whole show with lag and it doing that walking out into space thing it does and that walking forward and being pulled back thing. I call it the elastic band effect.I had fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.