3 shows in 1 day!!!!

Well today was quite busy I was in 3 fashion shows. The first was for Siren Productions and was a Hugo Latex show. We were fashion assassins and got to wear guns and daggers and look all tough. I got a bunch of new poses for this. It was great fun. A bit of a lag problem but nothing major for me.

   The next show was for LA modelling. It went well. No problems. I wore 2 beautiful gowns that I love. I chose bold eyelashes to go with the gowns and I love the look of it. It was a pretty quick show. The third show and final was for TnT and we were walking mannequins  like I said in a  previous post.  We had a great deal of lag but I think it went well. I didn’t see any major errors. I had problems the whole show with lag and it doing that walking out into space thing it does and that walking forward and being pulled back thing. I call it the elastic band effect.I had fun and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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