I hate things that are unfair and rigged

    I competed today in the Le Charme contest. We had to walk the runway and pose wearing any outfit from the store we liked. My walk was perfect and a couple of the other girls had terrible walks, missing the routine, walking all crooked. One girl got there after time to start but we hadn’t started yet so presumably we were waiting for her. The winner for the day wore white shoes with a mauve dress. I was cut from the contest. How is that possible when the manager said I was the best for the day? I get cut and the girls with terrible walks didn’t?  I hate contests that are unfair and/or rigged. There’s no reason to select girl after girl who is Italian while cutting others who did better. If everyone had done great and I was cut fine, as long as it was fair and impartial people. But this way? No, I hate it.

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