great- free show stuff!!

  I was in a show today for LA and it went well. Bit of lag, but overall no problems. I loved my outfits. I got a really cute pair of jeans with a matching shirt and a scarf from Lee Zu. I also had great outfits from SF Designs,Mondira & Viviane Fashion, and Jador. The last few shows I have been in, I have loved the stuff I got. I can remember shows I have been in that I didn’t care for everything I wore. But the last few weeks, every show, for every agency, I got stuff I love. It’s ok when I get stuff I dislike. The show is about showing off the designs to the best of my ability and I do that. It might not be in my taste- such as colors I dislike or the style isn’t my thing. It isn’t to say that some designers are bad at all. We all have our own  styles we prefer. Of course you never tell a designer or let on in any way that you don’t like your outfit. That’s just rude and not nice. I can find something I like about most things. But, as a model there are times you get an outfit and it gets filed away and not brought out again, and shows where you can’t wait to wear what you got.

   If it’s an outfit I dislike I will never say so here nor in chat in SL. I don’t believe in being publicly mean to anyone as I believe all designers in SL work hard to bring us designs and when they pay to have a show I will do my best for them. I might think to myself- this is not my style at all, but saying that to someone else is just not right. Plus, the items might not be in my taste but you never know what you might need for something down the road.

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