omg- how rude

Ok, something happened I just had to write about. I went to a store in SL called Adiva and I have bought a lot of stuff from this store over time and was one of my favorite stores. Anyway, they had a gift a day promotion for Christmas. Every day you go in and touch the calendar and get a gift so I went in and got the gift. The next day I went back in, only to discover I was banned from the store. Why was I banned you must be thinking. That’s what I was thinking too so I sent an IM to the store owner and asked. She said it was a special case because I was in her store wearing a tag from another store in SL – House of Beningborough. I’ve mentioned them several times in my blog. I’ve been trying to win the modelling contest at HOB for a while and love being a live model there. I think Bliss Beningborough is great. So I said to the owner of Adiva why would I be banned for that, and she went on and on about this feud she has with Bliss. I said what does that have to do with me? I have been a customer- a good customer too given all the Adiva outfits that I have and don’t deserve to be banned simply for wearing a tag from a competitor’s store. If she has a feud with  Bliss for whatever reason it’s none of my business or concern and I shouldn’t be brought into it. It is totally ridiculous to me to treat a customer this way. I don’t feel feuds between store owners should ever be brought up to a customer nor should a customer ever be put in the middle. I didn’t do anything wrong. I asked her why she didn’t ask me to remove the tag. She claims she did and that I ignored her, but I checked my chat logs and have never received any IM’s from her before the 1 that I sent her asking why I was banned. If she had really im’ed me and asked me to take it off, it would be in my chat logs. It’s not. So she tells me that she lifted the ban, but I can’t wear my tag to her store from HOB.  Well, I told her that wasn’t good enough, that she should’ve apologized for treating me like that. Truthfully, I don’t want to go to her store now. There are too many stores in SL to go where someone treats you badly.  She never should’ve gotten me involved in her feud  at all. I should be able to wear a store tag when I go to other stores without worrying about being hassled by the store owner. I can see a store owner saying something if my tag was offensive- abusive, profane, intolerant of others, overtly and disgusting sexually – but it wasn’t.

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