It’s been awhile

Wow I haven’t posted in a long time. It’s funny really as much as I like to I will have to work on that and post more. Most of the time I am too busy to do much more than I am now. I’ve been doing 1-3 shows a week. One week I did 5 shows. I still enter the contest at JCNY and was actually a runner-up for JCNY Model’fest Extreme. I found out on my birthday. I was pretty proud of that. I know I didn’t win, but I was picked for every week of the 2 month-long contest and used pictures I took myself every time.

  Some people get so upset when they don’t win. I just like to be selected and go model. I do my thing and leave worrying about will I win to other people. It’s more fun when you aren’t obsessed over winning. I get more upset when I don’t win contests that involve runway because I know what I’m doing on a runway and feel that I style well and have a good look. But when it comes to pictures I am the first to admit mine are not perfect. They aren’t the best. Some are fairly decent, but the best, no. I am not there yet. I need to take a photography class or maybe 10 classes lol. There is a lot to learn and I think I’m Photoshop retarded.Is that rude to say? I sure hope not.

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