Exploring SL

Botanical Gardens in SL
Striking a pose at the gardens
pretty location in SL

I really don’t think enough people spend time exploring all the awesome places there are to see in SL. Above are pictures from 2 places I found. The first is the Botanical Gardens of SL. They have very pretty gardens with nice water views and sunrises and sunsets to see. You can buy some of the plants too or just hang out and enjoy the beauty.

The second picture is Japan Tempura Island. This Sim is so pretty with the forest and colors. There might be more to see in the Sim, but I can never get past this area because I like it so much. My point however, is there are so many Sims to visit in SL. Some people never leave their small chosen areas and explore. I’ve been to outer space, Paris, Atlantis,beautiful gardens, wild animal parks. The list is endless. I highly recommend doing a search for something you like and just going to check it out. The other plus in doing this as a model is that I find places to take pictures. Pictures taken in world instead of in a studio can be quite nice. All you have to do is go look.

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