An average Sunday

Sunday Showcase at JCNY

   So today was like most weekends in SL for me -very busy. I went to compete in a contest and wasn’t eliminated which is always good. After that I went to JCNY for the Showcase models get to do on Sunday. It was sponsored by Divine and I got this great dress to wear. This is me after the show modelling for a while. This morning I was at House of Beningborough and tonight I have an audition. Then after the audition I have to go to a grand opening for a friends  magazine. Docseree Mistwalker opened DMG Creations and E-Style fashion magazine. She’s great so people should check her out. A magazine people can  read. What a great concept. I can’t tell you how many times I got a magazine to read but the print was so small or the magazine so poorly done I was thinking what’s the point.

So very busy,this is how weekends are a lot for me. I have to go from 1 thing straight to the next. But, it’s fun and I enjoy it. I hope I did well in my audition. I didn’t have a chance to change. We were told hey there’s an audition in 30 mins but I was afk working on my blog! lol By the time I popped my head back into SL I had 10 minutes to get there.

  If I had a store or an agency I would give out more notice. It is just a pet peeve of mine. Only models online during that specific time frame could audition which leaves a lot of people out. Granted even with last-minute notice there were still maybe 15 people there. I just feel bad because I know how I feel when I miss opportunities because I didn’t know. I think it is fairer if more notice is given so people have a chance to audition.

 On a positive note, I entered the Vanilla C Calendar Contest with a picture that can be seen on my flickr. I didn’t win, Katherine Comet won with a terrific picture and I am very happy for her. However, I was chosen to be on May in the calendar. I took the picture myself so getting anything from my own pictures is very rewarding and makes me want to keep pursuing photography.

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