Give me a penny for my thoughts

  Ok, you don’t really have to give me a penny. I am a live model in a couple places in SL. It amazes me that people don’t take the time to look their best. Learning how to adjust eyelashes and jewelry as best you can in a game that likes to make them look all wonky, is important. Most of all though, outfit selection is key. Why do people wear any old thing they can throw on to go model? While we don’t get paid much to store model I think we should look good at all times. Both out of a sense of responsibility for the job and because we are being observed. Outfits where parts of your body are hanging out everywhere, please don’t. Not an attractive look. Outfits with blood on them or where everything is torn and shredded, please don’t. Perhaps people are going for an urban look when they do this, but I think you can do an urban look and still look like you have some class. People come into a fine clothing store or jewelry store to see good-looking models who best show off the items. How is blood or making yourself look trampy going to accomplish that? This is just a pet peeve of mine. Some models forget as a model it isn’t about you. It is about best representing the designer. You can still show individuality and style. But please, have class when you do it.

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