My first blog ever

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Yes I am the Queen

    So today, as part of the Miss Refined International competition we were given our first task, create a blog about MRI and modelling in SL. Well, I have never blogged before in my life.I’m still not sure that I actually am right now. In fact if this is really terrible I’m sure someone could tell me. Be nice though, remember I am new.  I didn’t even read blogs before. I couldn’t figure out why people would want to read my thoughts and why I’d want to read all of theirs. I am going to give it my all and try to learn how to do this well. This competition is a great opportunity.

   I love modelling in SL and competitions are fun. Thank you to MPI for doing this. Thank you Jason Grant and the MPI staff for doing this. I am thrilled at the chance. I am honored I was chosen. Check out their site, it is great. A lot of very useful information for models.

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