ooh I want that

Well today we found out that the 7 finalists of the  MRI competition get a professional video model portfolio. That would just be awesome to win. Imagine the surprise when asked for my portfolio if I had a video portfolio to give.  A very valuable prize. Although just being one of the finalists would be great in itself. When I think of what being refined means; great style,polished,professional, pleasant attitude, fashionable, I feel I have these traits. I do my best to always look put together and stylish. Like I said in previous posts I feel looking my best at all times is important. Finding photographers to do a normal portfolio of pictures has proven problematic for me because I’m very picky and don’t care for sloppy,bad pictures. To have the opportunity for a quality video portfolio would be the best thing ever for me. To me being refined means having quality work done that makes you look your best. This prize offers that.

The MRI competition is being done by the MPI agency. Check out the website for MPI. It is just full of great information.http://modelpages.net/

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