The ups and downs of modelling

    Sometimes being a model is hard. Having to deal with a lot of rejection is something all models deal with. I always say for every yes I get 4 or 5 no’s. Some weeks are great and you win something and other weeks you lose everything you tried for. It’s not easy. I don’t know if I am good at dealing with it yet. The reality is there are a lot of models trying for the same positions, same opportunities, that you are. i try to remind myself that me, the person wasn’t rejected, thats it is just an avatar. It’s hard to never know why. There can be all kinds of reasons. They might not like red-heads for example, they didnt like your walk or you are in a group they dislike or they don’t like your outfit. But for all the no’s that we get, when you do get that one yes it somehow makes it all worth it. Plus, I can’t pass up a challenge or opportunity. I feel to get ahead as a model you need drive and ambition as well as resolve, that no matter how often you get told no, you keep trying.

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