random thoughts

QueenBrat at HOB

  I had a very busy weekend. I was in 4 shows this weekend. That makes 5 shows for the week. Since fashion shows and runways are my favorite thing to do, it was awesome.  I had serious lag all weekend though. Really bad. Other people had the same issue so I think it is SL. I sure wish they would do something.

  I have a very busy week coming up. I have 3 shows scheduled for next weekend so I have a lot of rehearsals this week, plus one competition. Plus I’m American and we have Thanksgiving this week. At JCNY they have this very narrow runway they left backstage and whenever I am there I love to practice on it. I made runways to practice on at the house in SL. But, it’s always fun to practice on a new runway.

   The picture above is me modelling at House Of Beningborough. I’m wearing the White Swan gown. This has been such a fun month. The theme is winter elegance. So I got to dress up all month, plus  gowns are my favorite thing to wear. I’m also very excited that I am a top 10 finalist this month. Last month I was a top 15 finalist. Some people get so upset about not being a finalist. I will admit when I have not been chosen as a finalist I have been a little bummed but that quickly passed. I say have fun and do your best. The rest is out of your control and worrying over it constantly won’t help at all.

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