Pet peeves

   I don’t want to sound whiney but there are some things in SL that I find very annoying. We all deal with lag, it’s a part of the game. But, lately for me, it has been a lot worse. I’ve talked to many people who have the same problems. SL usually says lag is on our side and not theirs, but when so  many people experience it maybe it should be worked on.

    I find it very annoying when I am in a show and the models refuse to line up despite being told several times to do so. I don’t know if other people find this as annoying as I do or not.  Along these same lines is professional behavior. If I am in a show I do my best to always be on time or early, go to practice on time and pay attention. Most models I know do as well. But, there are some who don’t. To me it brings the show down if some act like unprofessional behavior is acceptable. I approach SL the same way as RL. If  I make a committment, I do my best to carry out what I agree to do to the best of my ability. I do realize that RL interferences happen and have happened to me as well. So occasionally missing something you agreed to do or being late is unavoidable in those cases, RL always comes first. But, I am talking about the models who make this their pattern of behavior. Thank goodness these models are the exception and not the rule. Like I said the majority of models are professional, including the models competing in MRI.  



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