new opportunities

    I went out to lunch with my mom today and left my pc off. I hardly ever leave my pc off when I am away because I usually leave my avatar live modelling somewhere. But, I was expecting the new lists to come out and if I wasn’t chosen being caught on the runway is embarrassing. I was chosen though for House of Beningborough. She is running a new contest- The Face of Beningborough 2010. It is a great contest: 100,000 in prizes, being her face and model for the year. What a great opportunity that would be. So I applied for week 1 and was accepted and I get to live model in the store for the week. We are not required to do that but I like to. This contest runs for 2 months. So, many more chances to apply and wow the judges with my pictures and presence. I know a lot of people are applying so it would be tough to win, but I am happy just to be picked and model there for the week.

2 practice day

 I had 2 practices today. The first 1 went ok. But it irritates me when people are late and we have to wait for them to catch up. It also amazes me that models who can’t walk a straight line are in good agencies. Why doesn’t someone show them how to do this?

  My second practice was easy. The walk is new but an easy 1. It doesn’t take me long to pick up the walks. This show is for LA Modeling Agency and has great designers like LEE ZU and Jador.I love my outfits. From SF Designs I got a really cute plaid outfit. It is always nice when I do a fashion show if I like what I was given to wear. From Mondira I got a cute jumpsuit. LA has so many shows, it’s great.

a busy,busy day

   Today I had 3 show rehearsals. I am in 3 shows this Saturday I went from 1 rehearsal to the next and then managed to find some time to do my live modelling at JCNY and take some pictures for my entry for this week. I also did some live modelling at HOB and attended the awards ceremony. Whew. That’s a lot of modelling. I loved every minute of it. Rehearsals are fun to me. Learning a new routine on a new runway is fun. Even if it isn’t a new routing or runway it is still fun because I love runway modelling. Saturday is going to be crazy with 3 shows but it will be so much fun.


 Today I competed in a modelling competition and it went really well. No lag helped a lot. All of my clothes changed which is always a plus lol. When I first arrived there I was worried because my avatar was gliding down the runway. Other people saw me as walking but it was bothering me. It took several minutes before I could see myself as walking. I didn’t think gliding down the runway is a good look. Sort of a possessed model look and not what I was going for. lol Some people hate competing, but I love it. I spend hours working on my outfits and styling as well as picking just the right poses for each outfit. In this particular competition we wore 3 outfits. I chose 2 gowns and a short lace dress. All classy and refined looks. That’s just my style. I will always choose a great gown or dress if I can choose what I want to wear to compete. My everyday style is the same. I like to dress up and look nice at all times. Once in a while I will wear a pair of jeans, but I still make sure I have on great accessories and hair. I never leave my avatar’s  house unless I have checked every detail of my outfit down to fingernails and toenails. You never know who you will run into and as the saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make it a good 1!!

random thoughts

QueenBrat at HOB

  I had a very busy weekend. I was in 4 shows this weekend. That makes 5 shows for the week. Since fashion shows and runways are my favorite thing to do, it was awesome.  I had serious lag all weekend though. Really bad. Other people had the same issue so I think it is SL. I sure wish they would do something.

  I have a very busy week coming up. I have 3 shows scheduled for next weekend so I have a lot of rehearsals this week, plus one competition. Plus I’m American and we have Thanksgiving this week. At JCNY they have this very narrow runway they left backstage and whenever I am there I love to practice on it. I made runways to practice on at the house in SL. But, it’s always fun to practice on a new runway.

   The picture above is me modelling at House Of Beningborough. I’m wearing the White Swan gown. This has been such a fun month. The theme is winter elegance. So I got to dress up all month, plus  gowns are my favorite thing to wear. I’m also very excited that I am a top 10 finalist this month. Last month I was a top 15 finalist. Some people get so upset about not being a finalist. I will admit when I have not been chosen as a finalist I have been a little bummed but that quickly passed. I say have fun and do your best. The rest is out of your control and worrying over it constantly won’t help at all.

Miss Refined International Challenge #3

  As promised, below is my interview I did for challenge #3 of the Miss Refined International competition. We had to be interviewed by a friend as if we were way ahead in the competition. A great lady named  Kitsuki Chayoo interviewed me. So here it is.

Kitsuki Q You are a favorite for the MIss refined Model Contest. How does that feel?  It’s exciting. I’m really just happy to be in the competition at all, so to think I’d have even a slight chance to win against all these great models is very exciting and humbling at the same time.
Kitsuki Q Do you feel confident? No, I mean I think I would make an amazing Miss Refined International but like I said I am up against great models. Plus this is a competition from Second Life and just like in rl, anything can happen.

Kitsuki Q How do you prepare for such a competition.  By being fabulous. Just kidding. Well I prepared doing what I always do, working on my avatar and practicing to make sure I am the best model I can be.

Kitsuki Q At what point do you stop feeling nervous, or don’t nerves play a part? I don’t know at what point nerves stop because I havent reached it yet. But, having done a lot of shows I feel comfortable on a runway doing a fashion show. It is before that I feel slightly nervous sometimes and when competing. But, I find that the nervous energy helps me focus and do my best.

Kitsuki Q How long have you been modeling and how much does your experience in this play a part in the competition? I started modelling around June of this year. I think the more you model the more confident you become. The more you know what is expected and have your look straight. I love my current look and have worked hard to get where I am.

Kitsuki Q What determines your choice in skin and outfits? I choose my clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. Whether I am going to a formal event or an event requiring couture, etc.  I then choose my skin to match and compliment the outfit. I love to dress up and am seldom in extremely casual clothes. I prefer to always look refined, elegant and classy. I never leave my house unless everything is perfect down to nails and accessories.

Kitsuki Q How would you assess your personality? I’m fun, good sense of humor, sassy, independent, driven, ambitious, friendly,outgoing, talkative,organized, good-hearted and like to help people

Kitsuki Q  What would winning MIss Refined mean to you personally? Winning Miss Refined International would be a dream come true. It would mean that all my hard work was paying off and recognized. I would be so honored if I was chosen.

Kitsuki  Q How would you see it in helping your future? Well having a title can only help your modelling career because it gives you status. Winning a photo contest is one thing but winning a competition that you worked so hard for shows everyone you are serious about your modelling.

  Also as part of this challenge the person with the most votes for their before/after Miss Refined picture gets a bonus so please vote for me. Thank you.