Miss Refined International Challenge #3

  As promised, below is my interview I did for challenge #3 of the Miss Refined International competition. We had to be interviewed by a friend as if we were way ahead in the competition. A great lady named  Kitsuki Chayoo interviewed me. So here it is.

Kitsuki Q You are a favorite for the MIss refined Model Contest. How does that feel?  It’s exciting. I’m really just happy to be in the competition at all, so to think I’d have even a slight chance to win against all these great models is very exciting and humbling at the same time.
Kitsuki Q Do you feel confident? No, I mean I think I would make an amazing Miss Refined International but like I said I am up against great models. Plus this is a competition from Second Life and just like in rl, anything can happen.

Kitsuki Q How do you prepare for such a competition.  By being fabulous. Just kidding. Well I prepared doing what I always do, working on my avatar and practicing to make sure I am the best model I can be.

Kitsuki Q At what point do you stop feeling nervous, or don’t nerves play a part? I don’t know at what point nerves stop because I havent reached it yet. But, having done a lot of shows I feel comfortable on a runway doing a fashion show. It is before that I feel slightly nervous sometimes and when competing. But, I find that the nervous energy helps me focus and do my best.

Kitsuki Q How long have you been modeling and how much does your experience in this play a part in the competition? I started modelling around June of this year. I think the more you model the more confident you become. The more you know what is expected and have your look straight. I love my current look and have worked hard to get where I am.

Kitsuki Q What determines your choice in skin and outfits? I choose my clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. Whether I am going to a formal event or an event requiring couture, etc.  I then choose my skin to match and compliment the outfit. I love to dress up and am seldom in extremely casual clothes. I prefer to always look refined, elegant and classy. I never leave my house unless everything is perfect down to nails and accessories.

Kitsuki Q How would you assess your personality? I’m fun, good sense of humor, sassy, independent, driven, ambitious, friendly,outgoing, talkative,organized, good-hearted and like to help people

Kitsuki Q  What would winning MIss Refined mean to you personally? Winning Miss Refined International would be a dream come true. It would mean that all my hard work was paying off and recognized. I would be so honored if I was chosen.

Kitsuki  Q How would you see it in helping your future? Well having a title can only help your modelling career because it gives you status. Winning a photo contest is one thing but winning a competition that you worked so hard for shows everyone you are serious about your modelling.

  Also as part of this challenge the person with the most votes for their before/after Miss Refined picture gets a bonus so please vote for me. Thank you.


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