help my inventory please!!

   I really need to spend a lot of time working on my inventory in SL. Every time I start working on it someone interrupts me or I remember something I need to do. I am up to over 69,000 things. I don’t think I will ever again be one of those under 20,000 in inventory people but am hoping to reduce it by say 10,000. Most of all I just need to organize more. I haven’t had time to work on organizing outfits into folders. I also bought inventory storage boxes but never used them. It really is a lot of work. I used to do a lot of hunts and my inventory exploded and then I started modelling. Well, all models know we need a lot of stuff for modelling. So I now have a ton of gowns, other clothing, accessories, poses,etc. I don’t even want to think about how much money it cost.

QueenBrat modelling my new gown

    Above is me modelling my new gown on the House of Beningborough runway. I love this gown. I love purple. I’ve been wanting this gown for a while so I finally just bought it. This gown is called Confetti.

   In my next post I will include my interview I had to do as part of MRI Challenge #3. It was a fun challenge. The hardest part was deciding who to ask to interview me. SL friends are so great. Always there to help when you need it. Speaking of MRI, please don’t forget if you read this to vote for me please. I have been shamelessly asking everyone I know and even people I don’t to vote for me. It means a lot to me. If you have time to vote thank you in advance.

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