my awesome day

oh my gosh that's me again

    Today was a great day for me. My hubby went out-of-town so I can stay online and play tonight. Just kidding, that’s not why it was great. Today was great because it was one of those few modelling days where everything went right. I competed in the Le Charme Fashion contest and made it through to the semi-finals. I was second actually out of the 8 of us which is not bad. I was chosen for the week for the JCNY Showcase and I was picked to be a finalist at House Of Beningborough for the November Model Awards. I was also looking around JCNY and found a second picture of me on the wall! I was shocked. There are two pictures of me on the wall now at the store. I had to take a picture of course lol. Who knows how long it will be there.

    I had show practice today and it went well. No lag for me, which is unusual. I didn’t have much of a lag problem when I competed either. That’s quite unusual. With 8 girls competing and an audience I expected more, but wasn’t too bad. I have found that closing out everything on my pc except SL in these situations and reducing my draw distance to 64 has helped tremendously. Out of all the tips that I posted last week, those 2 things are what works the best for me. I always restart SL too,but that’s a given.

   As I said before days like today are rare so I will enjoy it while I can and be thankful and grateful for every opportunity. Oh, and don’t forget if you read this to please vote for me in the MRI competition. TY

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