How to get the best lighting

   In real life, professional photographers and models know that things like whitefill reflectors are flattering for people, and take advantage of this in their photo shoots.

   Advances made in SL graphics allow residents to have their own ‘whitefill’ without having to use a face light.  Follow the steps below so that you can get optimized lighting conditions, too.  These tips are all over SL so not sure where they came from and can  have some slight variations. Once you enter these settings, play with it until you achieve the best look and are happy. If you are like me, you don’t like the ugly gray shadows. See your avatar the way it was meant to be seen!

1.  Open your Environmental Editor.
(Menu bar > World > Environment Settings > Environmental Editor)

2.  Go to Advanced Sky settings.
3.  Click the New button.  Type in Nicelight or whatever you want to call it and click OK to save your new lighting preset.

4.  In your new  preset, go to the Atmosphere tab.  Make the following changes on the sliders:

Blue Horizon:
R:  0.10
G:  0.32
B:  0.66
I:   0.66

Haze Horizon:  0.00

Blue Density:
R:  0.04
G:  0.04
B:  0.04
I:    0.04

Haze Density:  0.00

Density Multiplier:  0.19

Distance Multiplier:  27.0

Max Altitude:  1315

5.  Go to the Lighting tab.  Make the following changes on the sliders:

Sun/Moon Color:
R:  0.29
G:  0.28
B:  0.32
I:    0.32

Sun/Moon Position:  1.000

R:  1.00
G:  1.00
B:  1.00
I:    1.00

East Angle:  0.00

Sun Glow:
Focus:  0.17
Size:     1.75

Scene Gamma:  1.15

Star Brightness:  0.00
6.  Hit the Save button to save your new settings. That’s it! The light on your avatar should now appear even and smooth, making your avatar look its best!

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