Today I competed in a modelling competition and it went really well. No lag helped a lot. All of my clothes changed which is always a plus lol. When I first arrived there I was worried because my avatar was gliding down the runway. Other people saw me as walking but it was bothering me. It took several minutes before I could see myself as walking. I didn’t think gliding down the runway is a good look. Sort of a possessed model look and not what I was going for. lol Some people hate competing, but I love it. I spend hours working on my outfits and styling as well as picking just the right poses for each outfit. In this particular competition we wore 3 outfits. I chose 2 gowns and a short lace dress. All classy and refined looks. That’s just my style. I will always choose a great gown or dress if I can choose what I want to wear to compete. My everyday style is the same. I like to dress up and look nice at all times. Once in a while I will wear a pair of jeans, but I still make sure I have on great accessories and hair. I never leave my avatar’s  house unless I have checked every detail of my outfit down to fingernails and toenails. You never know who you will run into and as the saying goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make it a good 1!!

random thoughts

QueenBrat at HOB

  I had a very busy weekend. I was in 4 shows this weekend. That makes 5 shows for the week. Since fashion shows and runways are my favorite thing to do, it was awesome.  I had serious lag all weekend though. Really bad. Other people had the same issue so I think it is SL. I sure wish they would do something.

  I have a very busy week coming up. I have 3 shows scheduled for next weekend so I have a lot of rehearsals this week, plus one competition. Plus I’m American and we have Thanksgiving this week. At JCNY they have this very narrow runway they left backstage and whenever I am there I love to practice on it. I made runways to practice on at the house in SL. But, it’s always fun to practice on a new runway.

   The picture above is me modelling at House Of Beningborough. I’m wearing the White Swan gown. This has been such a fun month. The theme is winter elegance. So I got to dress up all month, plus  gowns are my favorite thing to wear. I’m also very excited that I am a top 10 finalist this month. Last month I was a top 15 finalist. Some people get so upset about not being a finalist. I will admit when I have not been chosen as a finalist I have been a little bummed but that quickly passed. I say have fun and do your best. The rest is out of your control and worrying over it constantly won’t help at all.

Average day of fun

Modelling at JCNY
QueenBrat at JCNY
Modelling at House of Beningborough
I'm blonde today

     It seems as though a lot of my time in SL is taken up by live modelling at JCNY and House of Beningborough for competitions there. I love being chosen and being able to go and dress up and model. You can meet a lot of people. The above pictures show an average day. I was blonde for a few hours at HOB. Like I said in a previous post being able to dress up and change things about myself is fun. I was talking to someone yesterday who said they never change hair color. I was like that in the past. But, sometimes an outfit looks better with  different color hair. And our job as models is to look best in the clothes we show off. Plus, I think it’s fun to change sometimes. When I go to JCNY and HOB it is about making the clothes and jewelry look best. So, fun or not, I want to look my best and do my best job modelling the designs.

  They get a lot of entries at JCNY, so every time I am chosen there I feel honored. We don’t make much and the chances of winning are small given the number of entries, but I keep trying.   I love SL modelling and am totally addicted to it. A lot of us will never be a model in rl so we can explore and live the fantasy in SL. I love going to JCNY because a lot of people pass through there and it’s a fun place to be surrounded by beautiful jewelry. In the current contest we have a sponsor a week who gives an outfit to wear in the Showcase on Sundays. This week it is Divine Couture. I got a beautiful red gown that I can’t wait to wear in the show and show it off. Most importantly though, is that I have met some great ladies at JCNY and made some friends and at the end of the day that’s most important.