oh my gosh that’s me

QueenBrat, oh my gosh that's me
QueenBrat on a wall

    So today was a pretty good day modelling wise. I got picked to compete for both House of Beningborough and JCNY for the week. I had a dress rehearsal and it went well. The designer was there and that always makes me nervous because I think well, what if she hates everything that I just did, but she only made a couple requests and I was totally fine with it. I want the designer to be completely happy and the small changes made do look better anyway. So what makes this a good day you might say, well I love competing both places and when I enter it’s always thrilling when I get a yes. So today was a two yes day. I’ve talked before about how I get 5 or so no’s for every yes I hear so on a day I got two yes answers, it’s a good day. Then, when I got to JCNY I noticed there is a picture of me on the wall. I was thrilled when I saw it. I even took a picture to share in here lol.

    So I am going to keep writing in my blog. We get more points for the MRI competition if we continue blogging but more importantly than that, I like it.  I can post things about Sl and modelling that amuse and interest me and annoy me. Maybe I will be entertaining and provide information that others need.

  We got our next challenge for MRI which I will talk about in my next post.

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