unprofessional behavior

   If there is 1 thing I really dislike ( ok there are many things, since I’m easily annoyed), it is unprofessional behavior. I’m talking about agencies that plan things and then don’t show up. Today, I get ready to go to an audition that I spent a lot of time and money on I might add, only to find when I get there that no one is there.  The agency owner isn’t even online. One other model showed up to audition, which also shows an appalling lack of interest, but that was all. I waited 25 mins to see if the agency owner would come but it was a total waste of my time. I am just the kind of person that when I say I will do something, I do it. If I make a committment, I follow through to the best of my ability. I might not be so annoyed if this was the first time because rl happens and I understand that and rl comes first, but this is not the first time the agency owner failed to show up. Now I am intentionally not leaving clues to who this agency is because that will not help. But, I am quite annoyed with this.  

    I went to  rehearsal for a show today and it went well so I am happy about that. The show is on Friday and we have this rehearsal and a dress rehearsal tomorrow. I am always a tad bit nervous when I go to a new runway and learn a new walk that I will totally mess it up. I wonder if other SL models feel this way too. I have been in a lot of shows and learned fairly complicated walks many times so I am not sure why I still get nervous. Unless maybe it isn’t nerves as much as excited energy at the new challenge and opportunity I have. I do love new challenges.  I also take notes to make sure I don’t forget the walk, especially during weeks I am in more than 1 show. I am in 2 this week. I think being prepared is important so I review, in my head, the walk and have the notes to refer to if I need them.

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