heartache in SL

   So today we learned that a fellow model was attacked in rl and died. I didn’t know her. Her SL name was Celina Langer. I had seen her around, said hi maybe. Even though I didn’t know her it just made me sad. A tragic loss for her family and friends. People say SL is a game, but you make real connections with people and so I’m sure the grief her SL friends feel is close to the same as those in her rl. It just reminded me that life is precious and the friends we make in SL are to be valued. A lot of people modelled alongside her and recall her as a lovely person.

   I got a new job today. I will be a live model at Gems & Kisses. This is a great SL jewelry store.  The owners and models there are just so nice. I can’t wait to start.

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