It’s me again

   It amazes me sometimes how being a model in SL is like a full-time job but I don’t really get paid for it and in fact have to spend money to do it. lol Only on SL does that make sense. And even though it takes inordinate amounts of time I still love every minute of it. Maybe in the future I will ask myself why I spend so much time at this and want to do it so much but for now, I am going with it. I know there are people who in rl are models and also model on SL and I think that’s awesome. But in rl I am a 39-year-old woman. Those days have long passed me by. And thats ok. In rl modelling was never a dream or a goal, but in SL it is. I’m lucky that in rl, I have a husband who doesn’t understand why I want to do this but supports me anyway. I’m very lucky. He even fixes technical issues I have in SL when they crop up. I recommend that anyone thinking about modelling in SL seriously think about the time factor involved. There are days that I’m doing modeling jobs, rehearsals and preparing for jobs from morning until night. Then there are all the other things that need to be done such as shopping for things I need and working on pictures for contests. These are just some of the time-consuming activities. So make sure if you want to model that you you think about not only the cost involved, but the time requirements as well.

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