Last night -make it count

  I think I like blogging. I know less than a week ago when I did this for the first time, I had no clue. It is fun though. Tonight is the last chance to leave a message to count in the MRI challenge we had this week. So in less than a week I learned how to blog and left 13 messages. I’m sure there are bloggers who leave way more than that per day. I’m just getting started though so give me time. I know it wont count for the contest but I’m keeping my blog. I even got my own domain. My hubby in rl said, was that the best name you could come up with?  lol I picked my SL name. He doesn’t have to like it. I should have known I would like this since I rarely shut up, always have a lot to say and an opinion.

  Imagine, now I have a place to go when I see something great in SL. I also have a place to go to talk about the unfair things in SL and the not so great things and how I’d make it better. I named my blog  Brat’s corner. I hope people understand the meaning without me explaining it. I thought it was fun. I wanted to come up with a nice name that was profound. But, in the end, I went for humor. As I do in my life. I make jokes. I kid around. I try to make the best of situations. Do I say things that make people think I should be in a corner? Well um,yes, sometimes I do. But, as I always say old enough to know better and young enough not to care. We play SL, we have fun. If we didn’t have fun, why do it? Modelling is my fun. SL and the people I have met, friendships I have made, are something to be valued. I never take that for granted and I am lucky.

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