MRI challenge 2

   So this week we found out our next challenge for MRI. The first task was to take a picture of how we look now and combine it with a picture of what we looked like as a newbie player. We could use an old picture of ourselves or take a new picture but in our newbie outfits and skins. Well, I honestly think I burned all pictures of me as a newbie or didn’t take many because I couldn’t easily think of any that I had. So I put on all my old newbie stuff. Anyone can do this since it is all sitting there waiting in your SL Library. I put those clothes and that skin and shape on and, oh- my- gosh, did I ever really look that bad? Apparently I did. Although what’s funny about that to me is, that all new players think they are just quite hot. It isn’t until you play for a little while and see how other people look that you realize you don’t look very good. Anyway, so I had my newbie picture combined with what I look like now by a friend since that requires Photoshop and I haven’t been able to develop my Photoshop skills that far yet. It is quite a striking difference when you see the 2 pictures together.

 We could also choose to do a task involving making a 10 point marketing plan for our blog. I plan to do both since we get more points for that, however, I know nothing about marketing and this is a true challenge for me. It is quite interesting from what research I have done so far.  The idea to me is still a little foreign, I only started blogging a little less than 2 weeks ago. However, I will approach it like I do everything and give it my all.

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