Some people never know when to stop

I’m not quite sure why 1 particular person continues to make up lies on agency report claiming they are facts and that I’ve been outed. One is only outed if what is said is true about the person. Nothing this person says is true. Therefore dignifying it with a response there is not necessary. I have done nothing wrong and nothing  to hurt people since I started modeling in SL. My behavior towards people in agencies and not in agencies has been above reproach and I am proud of that. I don’t need to lie or backstab or plot to wrong people. Why, because aside from the obvious fact that such behavior is wrong, it is also stupid and not in my nature. Someone told me you haven’t made it as a model until you have some haters, people who are jealous. So I guess I have arrived so to speak. I have a long way to go though. And my plan to get there involves working hard, being nice and being reliable. The same plan I had from day 1.

PS I am not a delicate flower in the least lol. I just pick and choose when to speak and when not to.

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