Last minute notice

I don’t understand why some people in SL think models need to be online 24/7. People who send out notices requiring an immediate response never take into account rl and that people have responsibilities and can’t always be online. RL should come first. The people who send out notices saying that there is a casting in 5 mins, 10 mins, or even an hour or 2 are not taking this into account or being fair in my opinion. While I get offline messages and notices to my email, some don’t. I really don’t think it is fair to do it like that. When agencies do this they are only getting the models who are online right then.What about all the others who would like to cast but didn’t see the notice because they weren’t online yet? People have jobs and families and hopefully a rl. My personal opinion is that notices need to go out announcing castings in advance, never the same day giving only a few hours warning and never the ones who give only a few minutes warning. People need to know so that they can plan to be online then.

My other problem is when agencies change rehearsal times and assume everyone will change with them but never take into account that the model may be offline and not see the message.

Oh and I also hate it when they say we need people for something whoever Im’s fastest gets it, How is that a fair system? I’m not saying we have to be given several days notice, although that would be nice, but I do think more notice should be given than come now, Im now.

To all the agencies who give nc’s with detailed info about the casting times and show dates and send it several days or more in advance I applaud you. That’s the professional thing to do. I am tired of the attitude that I have to drop everything, including my rl commitments, to go to a casting that wasn’t announced or to go to a new rehearsal time. But, there are agencies that give plenty of notice about what is upcoming and I love that. 

Ahh, ok, now that I vented that annoyance I feel better.

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