I will say it here,but never there!!!!

Recently a very rude person left a post about me on a website called Agency Report. You can read it here.


The reason for this, well, someone left a message under the name Queen on the  Kabuki page, and some people thought I was the person who did it. I left a post to let people know that it wasn’t me. Well someone immediately attacked me saying I am an unkind person. This upset me, I go out of my way to be nice to people, help people if I can. A couple of people defended me and then the person left a post saying that I am a trouble maker and cause problems for other people. Again, totally untrue garbage. I am professional, I don’t cause trouble. What is the point of that kind of behavior? I have no interest in causing trouble for others. If I don’t like someone I simply avoid them. If I have to work with a person that I dislike I am professional, the work comes first above my own personal feelings. Those don’t matter. I have a good reputation in SL Modeling. I’ve earned that reputation. From day 1 of my modeling life I decided being kind to people and helpful were more important behaviors to exhibit than any others? Why? Because fashion shows are done by people, sometimes large groups of people-for a designer. You have to be able to get along and put on a good show for the designer. I will never let my personal feelings get in the way of the work. The work comes first.

At the same time I’m a genuinely nice person. I never want to be mean to people or hurt anyone in RL or SL. If  I did I would feel horrible. I believe other models should be treated kindly,fairly, and supported. And this is how I’ve always been. If someone needs cheered up come to me, I am happy to listen. If I can help someone find something they need or tell them about a contest they should enter, I will. A few times I told someone about a contest and they won, I didn’t, but that’s ok. The way I see it is, I do my best, who is gonna win is who is gonna win, it is out of my hands so I have no interest in taking it out on other people if I don’t win. People need to learn how to handle things with grace and dignity.

Am I a saint ?, of course not, I can be cranky at times, although I try not to take that out on other people. I don’t always have a lot of patience, but I rarely say anything that would disclose that. I am not always as tactful as I’d like to be. These are things I work on but I don’t feel qualify me as a bad person, just human. And yes I can be high-strung and passionate. Oh and I talk too much.

I won’t dignify the rude things someone said about me on Agency report with a response there. They aren’t worth my time. I won’t deny it upset me to work so hard and then have someone come out with outright lies about me, to trash me, and especially when I have done nothing wrong. But, because Agency report shouldn’t be about me, I don’t want to drag it out on there either. I greatly appreciate the support I received from people, friends who said nice things in my defense. It is wonderful to know I have friends who support me and will defend me.

Now stop trashing Herra, she’s a very nice person and entitled to her opinion. She’s very talented, and has a vast amount of knowledge and she shares it and tries to help people.I do agree with her that agency report needs to go back to being about agency information and experiences-not a free for all to be mean and nasty at every opportunity. Even when she shares her opinion she does it in a nice way, why can’t others follow that route. Maybe all the people who respond with such anger and venom should take an anger management class or something.

Stop trashing Blackliquid, why do people have to keep going over the same things and harping on it. Move on,get over it. Don’t do business with her if you don’t like her. She’s a talented model and a great set designer. She’s quite creative and I admire that. I don’t trash B and I don’t need to kiss her butt. I just call it like I see it. Kissing her butt implies I am trying to get something out of it, and I’m not. It’s just not cool the way people keep trying to beat her up.

Now about Nave, he’s been a great friend to me for a long time. We are not partners or involved and never have been. We do not plot against people. Naves posts are entirely his own, I have no input or knowledge of them until I read it on there like everyone else. I never for 1 second believe Nave posts with the intent to trash people or hurt people and certainly not post lies. His posts are amusing observations about things he’s seen and advice on occasion. Does he take jabs at people when they are being ignorant, heck yes and what he says is usually amusing-not cruel. I don’t always agree with him and I tell him so, yes he can go overboard, but I support his right to speak his mind.

Lastly, I feel that anonymous posts have their place. People should be able to speak honestly about experiences  with agencies and agency owners without fear of reprisal for using their name. There are a lot of powerful people on agency report who can hurt your career. This doesn’t make what some have to say any less valuable.Everyone should have a voice. What I have a problem with is that it is often used, not as a way to give out accurate information and share experiences, but more as  a way to take shots at people you don’t like, trash people, enjoy making others feel bad by repeatedly bashing them on the same topic and opinions, not facts. This is not done out of an effort to share real information, it’s done because they like to hurt people, it makes them feel powerful to try to take others down and slander their names. They lie, make up stories, and seem to try to be as rude and ignorant as they can be. This is so not cool behavior at all. We are all people with feelings, maybe I need a thicker skin, but like I told Nave I’m a sensitive person just deal with it lol.  

Now if the person who said ignorant things about me reads this, shame on you for lying. You obviously don’t know me, or have much of anything of value to offer if that’s all you have to say. I don’t lie to people or about people in Rl, in Sl, or on Agency Report. Why don’t you consider the concept, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. If you have a problem with me, are jealous of me and can’t just talk to me directly like a mature adult, do me a favor and just leave me be. Go on your own way and make your own way.

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