Rock Your Rack Weekend News

Rock Your Rack Weekend of Oct 12th and 13th!


Rock Your Rack 2019

Rock your Rack Logo

Rock Your Rack has lots going on this second weekend of the event!

Join the 82 designers, 25 Artists, 55 musicians and performers, 20 models and more as we welcome you to the 7th annual Rock Your Rack event! You will be amazed by the beautiful landing point and hangout area created by our sim Sponsor Digital Farm System and landscape artist AmayaElessar Resident. Come and bring your friends and hang out in a fun, farm garden setting. Then move away from the landing point to find the 82 shopping booths each with a Limited Edition item never to be sold again after this event, a designer exclusive item and a 10L hunt item.

Venture a little farther and you will find the stunning art show with 25 different 2D and 3D artists displaying their best work. You can purchase it as well with proceeds going to our cause. Some of them also are participating in the 10L hunt, so search for those wire hangers in each art booth too!

Across the sim you will find the jaw dropping music venue with a concert stage designed and build by Brad Tylman. Wait until you see the light show on this one. It will be something you will not soon forget. For a complete lineup of entertainment see the website on the entertainment page.

Finally, we want to thank our sponsor New York Piano Bar and Xtern01 Resident for the use of the beautiful Copacabana venue for our fashion show venue this year. We have 7 amazing shows including our Models Choice show that everyone looks forward to, and we are hosting this year the First Runway Challenge for Miss Virtual World 2020.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors: Awesome Breed Creations, DarkBetty, Digital Farm System, Emerald Couture, MOZ Designs, New York Piano Bar, and Yasum Fashionart for their support to make this year’s event something to see.

See below for a listing of events for this Weekend, or visit the website at for all the details.


Entertainment Schedule for October 12 – 13

Saturday, October 12, 2019
8am SLT – DJ Dance Party by DJ Jude Connors (JudeConnors)
9am SLT – DJ Dance Party by DJ Trendkill (Trendkill Neximus)
10am SLT – Collaborative Fashion Show of Exclusives
11am SLT – DJ Dance Party by DJ Wade (xxmstrwadexx)
12pm SLT – Sasheba’s Closet Fashion Show
1pm SLT – DJ Dance Party with Dj Khor (khorian resident)
2pm SLT – Dance Performance by TerpsiCorps

RYR 2019 Terpsicorps AD.png
3pm SLT – TBD
4pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Kris Composer

RYR 2019 Kris Composer AD.png
5pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Maximillion Kleen
6pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Keeba Tammas
7pm SLT – Phoenix Band by Pretoriano Chrome Concert

Sunday, October 13, 2019
10am SLT – Models Choice Fashion Show – all items from the event!
11am SLT – Live Musical Performance by Rocky TooCool
12pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Virgil Flowers
1pm SLT – Disturbed Tribute Concert by Maximum Overdrive
2pm SLT – DJ Dance Party by DJ i0n (AlPrunty Resident)
3pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by D.R.U.M. (Divine Rhythms of Universal Music)
4pm SLT – Dance Performance by DJ Kayla and the Kangaroo Dancers
5pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by RyAnne
6pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Nonge Koolhaas
7pm SLT – DJ Dance Party by D J SPiN “Teh Ebil One” (Spinderella Carminucci)
8pm SLT – Live Musical Performance by Chapman Zane

Dance Party Venue-

Fashion Show Runway Audience-


Concert Stage-

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