Naughty bits Time

Naughty bits at Rock Your Rack 2019


This set is meant to be inside but for some reason I like to put naughty furniture outside sometimes. I guess I am kinky like that. But I think it would work well inside or outside.

Both the rug and the car have high quality pg and adult animations

[NB] ~ RYR Pink Cadillac li 10 bento poses

Reminders of the “good old days” when drive-in theaters were an abundance across America might be behind us, but with NAUGHTYbits new ROUTE 69 CRUISER CHAIR you can re-create the memories right in your living room!

Over 150 high quality bento animations, headlights go on or off, owner menu, 12 custom themes, on/off for bento face animations, copy, and free lifetime updates!

[NB] ~ Tire Lamp li 2

[NB] ~ Tire Tread Rug li 3 has over 300 quality animations, copy with free updates and owner menu

[NB] ~ Tire Planter li 2


Visit the website at for all the details about the event. .



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