Living for the Holidays


The 9th annual SL Christmas Expo runs through December 15th benefitting the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life  and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by childhood cancers. For more information about the Expo visit

I am so happy to be blogging for this event. I love everything Christmas but more than that, this event is for a great cause. I can’t think of many things more important than ending childhood cancer so please everyone open your wallets.

SL Christmas Expo


Dekute Dekore- Adele Full Christmas Set –   Every item is only 1 li

                 Poinsettia Coffee Table : by Dekute Dekore 1 li

  •       Adele Chair and Sofa – Christmas White & Red : by Dekute Dekore 1 li each

               Candle Fireplace – Santas (No Shadow)  1 li

              Christmas Lamp Side Table : by Dekute Dekore 1 li

ALUORA Angels Collection *Amphora* – Full Perms 1 li, perfect for a builder

ALUORA Strings Curtain “Snow Lights” –  short medium and long 1li each

*AC* Gold christmas tree with HUD & rug 13 li by ARTEMIS CORNER SCULPTURES in gold, blue and red options on hud for ribbons and balls and with or without rug options.

AC also has a cute fireplace with a toasting marshmallow animation that I was unable to take a photo of due to graphics issues.

  • Expo furniture use.jpg


Gingerbread Man Music Box 3 li by The Reckless Angel-

Sl expo furniture 2







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