Mythical Magic

The 9th annual SL Christmas Expo runs through December 15th benefitting the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life  and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by childhood cancers. For more information about the Expo visit


I am so happy to be blogging for this event. I love everything Christmas but more than that, this event is for a great cause. I can’t think of many things more important than ending childhood cancer so please everyone open your wallets.

SL Christmas Expo

Glitter and Doom  G&D-The Sugarplum Fairy Avatar is a complete avatar for you to play with many different variations in skin and eye color, 2 complete outfits, hair, wings, a hud to change the glow, shape, etc. Everything you need to become Sugarplum Fairy.

expo fairy.jpg


the velvet moon.The ghost apple tree. 11li

the velvet moon.grass-mint green shown here and  also in dark green and light green, all are 1li

expo apple tree.jpg

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