Snowflake Kisses

The 4th Annual Winter Showcase benefits Team Diabetes of SL, a charity close to my heart in my own personal ongoing battle against diabetes.

Winter Showcase 2019

SynCo – Snowflake Necklace and Earrings with hud to change the gems and metal

Winter Showcase gems.jpg

Dream Kolda (DreamMakerXDreamBreaker Resident)

Tall Winter Tree Textured 9li 199L

The beautiful house in the background is by Potomac and will be blogged very soon so look for that!

Winter showcase tree.jpg


GalleryOne – A Very Cute Tree 5 li And it is very cute indeed

Snowy Moon in the Trees, Framed 2 li– The snow is animated and if you have been to my SL house you know I love animated pictures. Well even if you haven’t been now you know.

[MT]Mesh Round Chair Gingerbread-Green or Red, 3 li each

Winter showcase stuff.jpg


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