Christmas Magic

The 9th annual SL Christmas Expo runs through December 15th benefitting the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life  and its efforts to provide research to end and support for those affected by childhood cancers. For more information about the Expo visit

I am so happy to be blogging for this event. I love everything Christmas but more than that, this event is for a great cause. I can’t think of many things more important than ending childhood cancer so please everyone open your wallets.

SL Christmas Expo


G&D Whimsical Tannenbaum with hud to change all the colors to customize as you like. 7 li



Chalupa Digs Designs-  Winston Bench Adult Texture Changer 8 l1


Chalupa Digs Designs-  Winston PG Bench  Texture Changer 8 l1

ExpoBench pg version.jpg


CKit Falconry Wolves (Arctic & Black available, black shown here)

CKF Black Wolf_Large 22 li each Wolf  and food bowl, wolf water bowl 1 li each and if your wolves are picky eaters there is also a bowl of chicken not shown here. But I do suggest giving the wolves what they want to eat, just my personal philosophy.

CKF Black Wolf_Small

These wolves are animesh, so you will need to use an animesh enabled viewer to use them. They are non-physical and do not use pathfinding. The wolves have customization options as well as commands, poses and sounds. You can even name them.



On December 7th I had fun at The SL Christmas Expo and got to see a concert by the amazing Kris Composer. He is a great singer and does a lot of charity work in Second Life which makes him a pretty nice guy to boot.

Here is his Facebook-

Here is the link to his performance calendar if you want to go check him out.

Kris at Christmas Expo.jpg







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