Team Diabetes Red Hunt

4th annual Red Hunt in support of Team Diabetes

November 5 to 20, 2019 – The Red Hunt

Red Hunt 2019 Logo.png

Sassy Brats *SB* How Strong picture,  li 2 and like all hunt items it is only 10 L

Sassy Brats URL is Sassy Brats at The Red Hunt and the hint is I love rock and roll!


The 4th Annual Red Hunt is in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life! All items are 10 lindens and this is an open hunt, which means you can visit stores in any order. The link below has hunt hints, locations and photos.

Team Diabetes of Second Life Office url is- Team Diabetes of SL office

Hint is, It is cosy by the fire

[MT]Mesh Wooden Garden Gazebo li 24

[MT]Mesh White Gazebo li 3


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