The Catwalk and She Devils Electric Summer Trunk Show runs through April 28th with 1 final runway show by the Catwalk models on April 28th at 2 pm slt. These outfits are available for purchase at the below url. These photos are outfits from last weekend’s She Devils Fashion Show.

Catwalk Trunk Show graphic

Emerald Couture Bronx Squiggle Playsuit in Teal

She Devils 2019 3.png

(VU) MODEL BOX- AFTER5 Blazer Dress in Freya, HG, Maitreya and Slink with texture hud

She Devils VU.png

Face Paint Strap Boots Gold in belleza, maitreya, isis, physique, freya also comes  in silver

Face Paint Strap Lingerie Blue in gold or silver in physique, isis, freya, maitreya, natural

She Devils 2019.png

Electric Summer Trunk Show Retail Area

Electric Summer Trunk Show Runway


photo taken at the Atreyu Fashion Icon Sim, please contact them for details and permissions- www.facebook.com/groups/1284529538354685/

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