Potomac Homes Christmas

The Winter Showcase ends on December 8th so hurry and get these wonderful things from Potomac Homes! All of these items are amazing and so detailed. This event benefits Team Diabetes of Second Life. Having struggled with diabetes for many years I know how important this event is.

2018 Winter Showcase Texture.png

All Tangled Up Polar Bear 100% donation


Meet Me by the Fence 100% donation, singles and couples animations


My Favorite Things 10Linden hunt giftSnapshot_033

Lighting Up the Tree LI 10 100% donation


Snowman and SnowBear Li 8


Reindeer and Friends Li 6 total, the reindeer moves his head


Christmas Morning Table and Chair Set (linked) LI 16 100% donation


Ivy Lane Christmas Tree li 22


Woodland Park Bench with Reindeer Li 8


Potomac Homes Christmas at Ivy Lane 2018 FURNISHED Limited Ed Holiday Edition Home. This house is amazing, just when you think you have discovered everything there is more to be found.


***** The house itself is 180 land impact, and 37 x 34 meters.*****

***** The rezzable holiday decor is 172 land impact if you use all of it, and sits on a modifiable mesh snow that is 50 x 50 meters.

There are four bedrooms, dining room and an attic. The kitchen is texture change, and comes with four different textures for you to choose from. Additional items are included for your use if you choose, and will use additional land impact. These include rezzables in the home such as food on the stove top and in the refrigerator, snow on the roof and fire in the fireplace.


Potomac homes.jpg

Potomac homes 2.jpg


Winter Showcase Potomac Homes

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