Come hither

Swank August is a journey around the world. 

(BYRNE) Unknown Pleasures Dress-MONO

(BYRNE) Unknown Pleasures EXCLUSIVE for SWANK-August
Distressed denim minidress with slouch sleeves and sheer scarf.
For Mesh bodies-Slink, Maitreya and Belleza.Material enabled.
Please try DEMO.
Available in 3 sets with 3 colours.
ACIDWASH-Pink,Purple and Blue
BLUES-Deep,Med and Light
MONO-White Grey and Black

Swank Aug 2018.jpg

Zuri Rayna~ Lilith Spider Elite Head Dress-All Changing This magnificent head dress is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. It is unique and luxurious and gives you the ability to customize each item. I like it this way, dripping in diamonds but the choice is all yours.


Swank Zuri Aug.png



Photo taken here-

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