Secret Santa Swap- Meet Sherri Oh Cherri


I signed up for the Blogger and Vlogger Network Secret Santa Swap and was so excited to see who I would get. I was assigned Sherri Oh Cherri and I immediately went to her blog Cherri’s SL OnFleek Picks to check it out. There I found a fun, creative blog done by a very sweet girl who obviously loves Second Life fashion. Her posts have such a relaxed and easy style about them and if I didn’t already play Second Life I would want to because her posts make it look like a great place to be and that is a good thing in a blogger. I didn’t want to just write a blog post about her site without meeting her so I asked to meet her, take a photo, and ask her a few questions.

Make sure you also check out Sherri’s flckr-  Sherri Oh Cherri 


Sherri OH with name.jpg

Here is my interview with Sherri Oh Cherri-

How did you get your start as a blogger?

Everyone would tell me I should blog because I love to shop here and RL people were constantly asking me where I got what I was wearing. I wanted to blog for a very long time and finally got up the nerve.
What is your very favorite thing to blog?
Clothes!! I Love fashion!
What do you think is most important in a blog post?
I think a decent photo and the designer & LM for the mainstore &/or event & an honest review of whatever you’re blogging without hurting anyones feelings that is. I would never give a bad review because I know how many grueling hours it took to create that item I you can always find something good in any item.

I looked through your blog and was very impressed. You have such an easy, fun style about you. Do you feel like your gift comes naturally or was it honed over time?

I’ve honestly always been as I am but I’m very shy when I 1st meet someone. I have 6 besties in rl and I’ve been lucky that we have been true blue friends since 1st grade with no major fights also I feel my personality might be influenced by my besties and my family in rl especially my 3 older brothers. I really believe that what we take the good wonderful gifts from the close people in our lives that make us who we are in many ways . If that makes sense. I just hope I’ve given back something good to people I’ve met and are close with .

Sherri Oh Closeup with name.jpg

I am so glad I got to meet Sherri and make a new friend but more than that, I am happy I read her blog. If you want a blog done by a genuine, nice and knowledgeable person make certain you check out Cherri’s SL OnFleek Picks


Thank you Sherri.



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