Garden Dining


Swank November is Colors of Autumn Month

Swank Nov_001.png

Sometimes I look at things I have in Second Life and wish I could move it into my real yard. This set is so gorgeous. It makes me want to go out and have brunch in a greenhouse in a nice tranquil setting and relax,

CJ Autumn Greenhouse

15 Prims FULL Set – complete Deco/Plants/Trees
**Optional flying Leafs on Top with 2 Prims
inside & outside – Copy/mody – Scripts no mody
**Event-Price only 249 L**

CJ Chrysanthemum Planter
2 Prims each color – Copy/mody
**Event-Price each one only 49 L**

CJ Autumn Garden Set”
**Event-Price only 249 L**

Swank Nov_005.png

Autumn Garden Chair
24 diff. high quality Single Sits for him/her with props for active things
like reading Newspaper, Tablet, drink hot or cold drinks, eat with Cutlery
3 Prim – copy/mody – scripts no mody

Autumn Garden Table (with Garland) – 4 x Table deco as Props by touch
3 Prim – copy/mody

drop on table, sit on chair, touch the Placeset and eat – cutlery comes
from chair when you select Meal or Dessert
2 Breakfast – Prims 3 or 6
7 Meals – Prims most 2-3 Prim
4 Salad – Prim most 2-3 Prim
3 Dessert – Prim most 1-3
Placeset: 2 Prim – copy!!




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