Whimsical garden

Swank September is Tokyo Mix Month

From CJ Creations we have the CJ Cascading Pond ~ The Koi is a delightful pond that comes with all you see here. The koi and clownfish occupy the pond which has running water as deer stand nearby. The clownfish swim in a circle for added movement.

Cascading Pond with Koi
17 Prims (copy+mod)
Full Set with all for Special Event-Price – 275 L


The CJ Swing Tree and- CJ Swing Cherry Blossom is so pretty and perfect for any garden. The swing moves by touch of the wood and is only 8 prims.

14 Single Sits – Woman – with drink + active
12 Single Sits – Man – with drink + active
7 Couple – PG – cute cuddle


Swank swing DD





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