Red Beauties

All of the below can be purchased at Swank’s Retromania month.

.:Tm:. Creations

Pathway Wood w/wo Ferns Mesh Kit v2.g, 12 shapes with and without ferns(24 total) (4 long 2-5 LI each) and 8 middle(1-2 LIeach), ferns are moveable

.:Tm:. Exclusive Swank S15 VintageMe Bench Garden PG cuddle and solo, 8 LI

Romantic Rose’s Gazebo v1.Dark PG 13 LI

[.:.Tm:.] Heart Rose Petals w anims PG C/M 2LI

Swank gazebo


The  Zuri Rayna~Mae V2 Set -Crimson/Bronze Set is spectacular. I fell in love with the rich and vibrant colors. Crimson is just 1 color available and they are all equally as great.

Swank Zuri use


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