Dreamy Sanctuary

Tylar’s Treasures is at Swank June and this Silver Elegance set is amazing. So pretty, feminine and yet practical for some fun, naughty times. I just had to set it up and try it out.

swank silver5

Swank bed redo

Silver Elegance Bed has Cuddles, Dance, adult and bdsm animations with sequencing as well. Plus Props. I tried out a lot of these animations and I liked how they were done and the choices available. Easily adjustable and easy to use, and the couples animations are very hot! I also just can’t get over how pretty it is too. All the pieces you see in these photos are available for purchase and as a set. The Silver Elegance set has, drapes- both narrow and wide,  a bedside table with champagne and flutes, a bedside table with flowers, an ottoman, plant stand and rug.




Tylar’s Treasures Silver Elegance collection has this beautiful bathtub and sink. The bathtub has couple and adult animations. The Sink adds a polished and classy touch. Don’t forget to fully check out the bathtub, the lightning, decorations and quality are striking.

swank silver bathroom





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